MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #2 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The second missions of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 36 enemies and 293.8 million health to work through. My standard team of Gambit, Kestrel, Titania, Kang The Conqueror will be joined by a rotating trio of Scarlet Spider, Maria Hill and Wong and checks in at over 1.9m power as I continue the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs.

Waiting in the wings close to Gear 18 are Morgan Le Fay needing 2 pieces of gear, as well as Red Hulk, Doctor Strange (Heartless), Shang-Chi, Sharon Carter and Captain America (Sam) each needing three gear pieces. I am also getting Apocalypse upgraded and geared for the Global and Legendary fights, so seeing him join this group in a week or so would not be a big surprise.

My first attack will surely be ugly and puts me at 1.926m power with Gambit, Kestrel, Wong, Kang and Maria after losing SS and Titania in my final battle of Mission #1. Kestrel is dead before taking a turn and Ghost Rider is definitely going to be my target despite being overmatched so badly early. I end up getting a single basic attack from Kang on GR and a bunch of Gambit counters to weaken GR a bit before they kill me with ease, leaving 36 enemies and 292.8m health.

Attack #2 of many, and I have my starting 4 of Gambit, Kang, Titania and Kestrel back as I test things out with Wong as my 5th member and like the result, hitting Ghost Rider hard and getting Defense Down on him with Kang and getting him to red health. Unfortunately killing GR is not going to happen today, but I do knock 16m health off of the enemies in my second attack, so I am hoping to finish him off tomorrow.

My 3rd attack is one I have to restart a few times, not just because the enemies are tough, but t see where I want to go strategically. As anyone who has read my walkthroughs knows, I go after healers who can kill off my progress. So after killing GR early, while Kate Bishop is easily the weakest remaining on the screen, Squirrel Girl is here and I want to finish her off. I try both routes and settle in on going after SG, eventually getting enough attacks in to make her the weakest on-screen and allow the Gambit attacks to hit her. In the end I die of course, but after solid progress, leaving 35 enemies and 275m health after a poorly-timed SG heal at the end.

Attack 4 as I continue to push a lot harder for better characters for this game mode in the background, and I get to attack after 5 enemy turns. Gambit does his job and targets SG, so now the rest of my team will too. Kestrel adds Defense Down after Kang hits SG, and while Gambit finishes her off, I do not get another turn after his ultimate. In the end, 34 enemies and 268m health remain.

I take a couple of hits and Gambit makes one of two Thor enemies the obvious target, so I follow suit. I Ability Block Sif just before she takes a turn and kill the target Thor as 33 enemies remain, 5 on-screen, and target the left side of Kate Bishop and the other Thor. With Kate as the new weakest member I land a few hits before losing Kestrel, I get Kate into red health, lose SS and Kang, then finish her off before new enemies reinforce as there are now 10 enemies on-screen and 32 left to kill. It takes only a couple of attacks for the enemies to finish me off from here leaving 32 enemies and 256m health to go.

I am settling into the goal of take out an enemy each day as there’s no getting around how important the Dark Dimension battles are to having the right personnel. With no Quicksilver or Apocalypse it is what it is, and I bear through it as best I can with my team as it is currently constructed. This 6th attack sees me against 32 enemies and 10 of them on-screen as I place all of my attacks on the enemy Thor. After a ton of enemy attacks and Gambit counters, Kestrel lands Defense Down on Thor and Gambit finishes him off just after a Squirrel Girl heal is blocked by the Heal Block debuff. Now stuck behind the taunt of Sif, I lose Wong and Kestrel and skip the ultimate from Kang to save for a better time as I want to focus on SG and cannot. I use basics the rest of the way and end with 31 enemies and 247m health to go.

The opening attack from the enemy is Red Hulk’s ultimate which is going to setup any combination of characters for failure today. The Gambit-appointed target is Elsa Bloodstone, but after a Kang Ultimate I am still targeting SG which allows me to weaken SG and kill Elsa before the enemies are just too much. Now 30 enemies and 236m health remain after the attack as I have the refreshes available for a second attack today, this time with SS in place of Wong.

Before I get going on this one, Kang is yellow health and so is SS, so not what I wanted. Squirrel Girl is my target, but both Doctor Voodoo enemies keep giving her Barrier and that is annoying. I start over a few times to get a better run and get a run where I get a few solid dodges and use Gambit’s attacks wisely, knowing his basic hits the weakest target again and keeps the Heal Block on. This allows SG to cleanse but stay under Heal Block and I do not lose my progress on her, eventually killing her with 3 of my party alive. At this point both Sif enemies are taunting so I just use basics, with Gambit getting Thor down to about 50% health before I die. Solid progress today as now 29 enemies and 228m health remain.

Attack #10 and 29 enemies remain with 7 on-screen. Thor is the weakest and is Heal Blocked before I can take a turn, so I hit and debuff him as much as possible. I kill Thor with all 5 of my team about 50% health, but Red Hulk uses his special and messes that up, killing Kestrel and SS follows after. One of two Sif enemies is now the weakest enemy, and while I prefer to go after Doctor Voodoo next, this looks like a quicker result. I get her to red health when Red Hulk drops an ultimate and it falls apart from there.

Attack #11 will start with 28 enemies with a total of 218m health remaining, and 6 enemies on-screen. I start this fight and then restart after Gambit cannot get the Heal Block on the weak Sif, and when he lands it in the next attempt things go far better for me. This allows me to use a Kang ultimate to get Defense Down on all, kill Sif and target on of the Doctor VooDoo enemies. I get DVD to yellow health before the remaining Sif taunts, but Kestrel dispels it and a SS ultimate gets DVD to red health. I lose Titania, then finish off DVD and have 26 enemies total, 4 on-screen remaining. From here my team is falling apart as I get Sif to yellow health before I am done.

My 12th attack will have 26 enemies left with 201m health to go. 4 enemies start off on-screen and I restart for a better opening sequence as Red Hulk begins with his special attack. I lose Kestrel early, too early, but get Sif down to red fast, so I trade one for the other and kill Sif just before Wong dies. Now the remaining DVD is my target and he is Heal Blocked and yellow health already, and Kang gets him to red health with a basic. Now decision time. Hit Red Hulk with Titania’s ultimate and hope for an Ability Block (while adding more Charged) or just hit VooDoo… I go with the Titania hit on Red Hulk, block him, he then uses a basic and kills Kang. Luckily Gambit is fantastic in this game mode, and he finishes off DVD before the enemies finish me off as 24 enemies remain, 2 on-screen, and 191m health total.

Back at it again and once again the decision of the day is to use Scarlet Spider or Wong. Red Hulk starts with an ultimate to debuff my team and I am able to go all-in on Morbius and kill him before anyone dies on my team, leaving 23 enemies and just Red Hulk on-screen. The Gamma Radiation effect plays a big part in this battle no matter who I use, and a second ultimate by Red Hulk is my undoing. I end with RH in yellow health and will try to finish him off tomorrow.

With just the Red Hulk as my goal for today, and I have added Morgan Le Fay to my squad, so I start with MLF, Wong, SS, Gambit and Kestrel. The thinking is Speed Down from SS, Ability Block from MLF, taunt for Wong, Defense Down from Kestrel and Heal Block from Gambit to get me through to the reinforcements, where I know I will get smoked. We will see if this works… After everyone takes a turn this is playing out as hoped as I had to get RH back to yellow health and he eventually drops and ultimate on my team, but they survive. I get him to red health as the red icons remain, especially for my characters, and MLF kills Red Hulk with a basic as 9 reinforcements arrive. Immediately I use Kestrel’s special on Squirrel Girl and her adjacent enemy friends, and after a couple of hits I start losing my characters. Gambit dies and SG heals and that is enough as they overwhelm my team and I die. 170m health remains across 23 enemies for tomorrow.

A new day and a new attack as I use Wong, MLF, Gambit, Kang and Titania today and start things off with MLF’s ultimate as I target Squirrel Girl. The enemies start with hits on Gambit which derails things much more quickly, so I restart and when they hit Wong with Defense Up it sets the table for what I want. Kang gets an ultimate in and the fight is on as I debuff almost every one of the 10 enemies on screen. When Gambit’s special (middle) ability is up I use it to maximize damage then go back to targeting SG as I want her dead before she can heal and cleanse. One fortunate early bit is that Ms. Marvel has Disrupted, making sure she cannot gain buffs (like taunt) when her allies fall below 50% health. The battle wages on and I lose Gambit and Wong, and Kang’s basic is enough to kill SG. As I see the battle is nearing it’s end, I use basics for my final few hits on Morbius until they finish me off leaving 21 enemies and 149 million health.

Same day and I put in a 16th attack, refreshing the health of MLF and Gambit and adding in Maria Hill, Scarlet Spider and Kestrel. While not expecting big things here, I am curious to see if I can double up a couple of times each week until I have more options to attack. MLF proves to be key here, sucking away all Speed Bar then landing her ultimate early, as Kestrel finishes off Morbius. Seeking out those with Defense Down, I go after Ms. Marvel and Elsa Bloodstone next to maximize my hits, and Maria Hill’s summoned SHIELD Troopers help dramatically. I lose MLF but kill both Ms. Marvel and Elsa Bloodstone as planned, then add Loki to my list of victims just before losing SS. With one more Elsa to contend with, I hit her until she decides to “Let It Go” and I lose Hill. Now just Gambit and Kestrel remain as Heal, America Chavez and Zombie Iron Man finish me off.

My 17th attack starts with 17 enemies and 128 million health to go after a fantastic Thursday of attacks. I go to my top team at 1.886m power with Wong, MLF, Gambit, Kang and Titania after the success of the attacks yesterday as I face 4-on-screen enemies – America Chavez, Zombie Iron Man, Hela and an Undead Asgardian. AC is in yellow health and is my focus, and I finish her off quickly and go after Hela. Titania lands Ability Block and Disrupted to start and Gambit helps me make short work of her as I take out her sidekick as well leaving just ZIM. I use basics to setup the next wave of enemies and kill him off leaving 13 enemies as I progress. That 13 is back to 14 as 8 enemies appear with a 9th, another Undead Asgardian to accompany another Hela. Two Ghost Rider enemies are my targets here and an ultimate from Kang greets the enemies. Despite being in very good shape heading into this, their barrage of attacks decimates my team, killing all but Gambit and Titania before I take another turn. I kick GR in the teeth once and that is it for today, a disappointing finish to a good start as 105m health remains.

Back for the 18th time with the same team and after a few enemy attacks I use MLF’s ultimate and cannot land a single debuff. I reset and try again with the same result, so I reset again and try her special to remove Speed Bar from the enemies. This proves to be much more effective, and she gets to go again soon after and lands the debuffs with her ultimate just before Kang’s special weakens the enemies. The enemy Apocalypse kills MLF and I lose Titania as I continue to target one of the enemy Ghost Riders as things fall apart fast. In the end I do not kill any of the final 14 enemies and leave 97.7m health.

Round 19 after the first 18 went to my opponent and the enemies come out swinging with an ultimate from Hela and a special from Red Hulk to weaken my team immediately. Focusing all hits on the weaker Ghost Rider, I reset and try a few times to see how strong I can be when I kill him off and move to the other GR, but Gambit has other ideas targeting Kate Bishop. In the end I leave 93m health heading into my Monday.

Back again and I take some hits and start my attacks on GR despite Kate Bishop being the lowest in health, hoping this does not backfire. I try 3 times and cannot get a result I like, so I reset and go all-in on Kate Bishop and realize, once again, to not fight Gambit’s lead. I lose Wong early but I am able to kill Kate off quickly and learn from my earlier attacks that RH’s ultimate will come up the second time he gets to attack, so when MLF cannot land the Ability Block, Titania gets the job done and buys me more time. From here Echo is Gambit’s target and I still wanna kill off the remaining Ghost Rider, and I die with both in yellow health leaving 87.9m.

For my 21st fight I start again with what I believe to be my best lineup at 1.886m power with Wong, MLF, Gambit, Kang and Titania as Apocalypse is 1 piece away from being able to join in on the fun. This battle starts like the last few – with Hela using an ultimate and and immediate special from Red Hulk. I drain Speed Bar and hit Echo into low yellow health before Apocalypse heals her, so I restart and keep this in mind as I try to work around this annoyance. I find that healing Echo is like Thanos, inevitable, so I fight through it and Gambit is able to kill her with his counters and help from a special and ultimate from Kang. I then get to work on Ghost Rider and get him to yell health with Gambit as my team falls apart around him. In the end GR is yellow health and I have 78.3m health to go.

Apocalypse nears closer as I am one full piece of gear away and 12 smaller pieces (Augmented Nucleic Infusion & Augmented Biopolymers) needed to get him to join this party. But for fight #22 I stick with the same team as I have 11 enemies and 78.3m health left. I get a favorable opening and kill Ghost Rider quickly to start to focus on Doctor VooDoo. I take a bunch of hits and have MLF in red health and use her ultimate to setup the kill by Kang and Wong, then lose her as 10 enemies remain and the rest of the bad guys show their faces. As much as I would like to finish off Hela next, the Squirrel Girl that just got here has got to go to allow my team to place debuffs that will stick, so I start to hit her an the enemies go crazy on me, kicking my butt and quickly wiping my team out.In the end 10 enemies and 69.2m health remains as the next couple of days may be rough as I look to chop down a few of these trees.

Ten enemies remain, 2 being summons from the two Helas, as I start my 23rd battle. Apocalypse still remains on-deck, needing 10 smaller pieces to get to Gear 18 Gambit has chosen a Hela as the weakest but I am fighting that and going after Squirrel Girl. Wong taunts and Kang makes SG the weakest enemy on-screen, but the enemies take 15 straight turns, including a SG heal/cleanse, and now I am hanging on by a thread. I reset and try again and again getting nowhere with this approach, so I try going after Hela. This proves to be a bad move as well. At some point in one of the battles, the enemies all heal up and Gambit starts to target Elsa Bloodstone. On about my 10th attempt I decide to go all-in on Elsa instead and end up making progress only for SG to heal her up a bit and then I can really hit her in the end. When the dust settles she is in red health and 67.8m health remains for the bad guys across the 10 remaining enemies.

For battle 24 I go ahead and try this out on the same day as 23 using my Dark Energy refills and have Gambit, Scarlet Spider, Kestrel, MLF and Maria Hill available checking in at 1.986m power. I reset like anytime Red Hulk goes after Gambit, as I do not want the Offense Down on his counters, and (duh) realize that Hela’s summons are not on-screen due to the presence of Kestrel being Charged. However my battle starts with my first turn coming with 3 characters in red health (the three I never use) and I use MLF’s special (middle) ability to remove Speed Bar and it kills Elsa Bloodstone. From here I just use basics on SG in an effort to weaken her a bit for tomorrow and future attacks and I die with now 7 enemies (because two summons did not fight with Kestrel present) and 64.8m health remaining.

Now just 4 pieces away from a Gear 18 Apocalypse, I am hoping to get the two pop bottles and two stick figures needed by the end of the weekend without spending extra $$$. My 25th battle started with Kestrel instead of Wong, because of the presence of two Hela enemies, and this seems to start off well. I am able to debuff SG early and Kang and Kestrel add big hits with Kestrel using her special, then Gambit finishes her off allowing me to finally target a Hela, however Red Hulk is the lowest health enemy when I do this and it adds a tough situation. I am trying to avoid the charges on RH, but decide to go with it, knowing I am playing with fire, and after several hits from both sides, I lose Kang, Kestrel and MLF as Gambit finishes him off just before he is killed too. Titania uses a basic and is killed off but now with only 5 enemies left and RH out of the mix, I look at the final 44.0m health in a much more positive light.

Just 2 soda pop bottle away from adding Apocalypse, I head into battle with the Kestrel lineup. 5 enemies remain and there is no getting around Morbius being the weakest, so I go all-in on him and finish him off just before the Helas nail me with ultimate attacks. This shifts the focus to Thor as I lose MLF first and the wheels fall off quite fast. 4 enemies remain with 34m health as I look ahead.

Apocalypse joins the Gear 18 roster as I head into my 27th battle on this mission as 4 enemies and 34m health are all on-screen. I now use Apocalypse, Morgan Le Fay, Gambit, Kestrel and Wong – Wong to supplement MLF, Gambit for the counters and Kestrel to keep the summoned Undead Asgardians away. Kestrel adds a Defense Down on Thor immediately and after Wong and Apocalypse hit him, a Kestrel follow-up attack finishes him off. The Ability Block from Apoc wears off of the Hela I start to attack and MLF uses her ultimate to debuff the 3 remaining enemies. I use Apoc’s ultimate and then get the bonus attack to finish off on Hela, then start to focus on the other Hela. Hela lands a big ultimate to weaken Kestrel and Gambit and the enemy Apocalypse uses an ultimate to kill them both, then we start trading kills. I finish off Hela to leave the enemy Apocalypse and he finishes my team off to send this to what is hopefully a final battle. 1 enemy and 10.7m health remains as I use my Dark Energy to battle once more.

Battle 28 sees me use Apocalypse, MLF, Gambit, Titania and Kang for a total of 1,785,771 power going up against a single enemy Apocalypse. Getting to hit Apocalypse without buffs proves to be a challenge, but the bonus attack from my Apocalypse ends up being the big hit, allowing my team to get the hits in to finish him off. I get the win to earn 1.25m Gold and 50 Augmented Spectral Analysis pieces.

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