SWGoH: Should I Buy the Galactic Omicron Materials Bundle?

SWGoH - Omicron bundle

Gaming Fans is back today with the next installment of the Should I Buy series where I review bundles and packs in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Store and advise you, the public and SWGoH community, on whether you should buy them or not. Often times when these articles are written I leave it up to the buyer, indicating the pros on cons of the bundle and I make a strong argument for buying the pack. Sometimes I am not as enthusiastic, but I write because it helps me justify my own expense on the game. The last time I wrote an article in this series for SWGoH, however, I felt so strongly that I shared my bias with the community and would not welcome other opinions like a 2021 media professional. I am pleased to say that today I am back to just presenting the facts and then giving my thoughts, more like how media was intended.

Today I will be writing about the Galactic Omicron Materials Bundle. First, here is what is in this pack:

  • 5 million credits
  • 30 Omicron Materials
  • 20 Omega Materials
  • 30 Mk 3 Ability Materials
  • 50 Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage
  • 50 Mk 7 Kyrotech Battle Computer Prototype Salvage
  • Cost $99.99 (USD)

Reviewing this deal, this far exceeds the $40 (USD) Omicron Material Bundle offer that I wrote about in November just in living up to it’s name alone. This bundle has 30 of the valuable Omicrons materials included as opposed to 10% as many at 40% the price last month. That having been said, as someone who has spent a lot on this game over the past 6 years, I will not be spending on this pack. The value of Omicron abilities is high, but the dollar amount attached to them by EA Capital Games is not in line with how helpful they are in the game. Plus, if you’re a spender and looking to upgrade the newest characters in the game, the deals on crystals are a better value in my opinion. Getting 25% more crystals is at least a “value” compared to the rest of the year, and with Dash Rendar, Kyle Katarn, Darth Talon and Mara Jade all needed for Starkiller, the value of crystals is a bit higher in the game for my gameplay. So in the end, I will not be spending $100 on the Galactic Omicron Materials Bundle, and unless you are loaded and just looking for any edge you can get, there is not enough value in this bundle to make it worth the expense.

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