SWGoH: Unlocking Starkiller – Walkthrough/Live Blog

Starkiller - SWGoH

One of the newest additions to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is Starkiller, the main character from the Force Unleashed games from the Wii and PlayStation consoles in the 2008-2011 timeframe. Opened through The Force Unleashed Legacy Event, Starkiller is designed to be a Grand Arena monster with two Zeta and three Omicron abilities, with each Omicron active in the GAC. Below is a walkthrough/journal of my experience to unlock Starkiller in SWGoH. Note that after unlocking him, our best mods for Starkiller and our Starkiller Omicron priority list are both live on the site for reference.


Tier I
Mara Jade is the lone requirement for Tier I as I check in at Relic 5 & 27,648 power for my first attempt. Facing JKLS, Han Solo, R2-D2, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, I work on adding as many Debuffs to the Rebels as possible and get to 12 stacks before I really lay the smack down on the rebellion to get the win, earning 55 shard of Starkiller for my efforts.

Tier II
For Tier II you need Darth Talon and mine is 26,236 power. I attempt to lay Ability Block on the Sith Triumvirate and have some success, taking out Darth Sion with the second special ability, then work on Traya and Nihilus. I am able to continually add Ability Block to Nihilus to keep him at bay and defeat him in time to go 1 on 1 with Traya, whom I kill to earn another 55 shards of Starkiller.

Tier III
Tier III requires Dash Rendar who is at 26,371 on my roster. Back on the train-like vehicle that we saw in the Dash Rendar Marquee unlock event, I make it through four waves of IG droid and they kill me which means I need to get my mods upgraded to beat this one. First I try using Han Solo’s mods and this speeds him up from 300 to 330, but does not add any survivability, and the Speed difference is enough to allow me to make it to the showdown with IG-88. I stun the droid and finish him off with ease, earning another 60 shards of Starkiller.

Tier IV
Kyle Katarn is the lone required character for Tier IV and is pretty well-modded since he was my first of this group to get past Gear 13. I am able to kill Nihilus first, then Traya and have a 1 on 1 with Darth Sion, utilizing the Ability Block from KK’s basic to keep Sion from dispelling my buffs and regaining Health & Protection. Eventually I hit him with a special and finish him off for another 60 shards of Starkiller.

Tier V
In this battle we use Starkiller and the goal is to reach his Unleashed status at 100 stacks of Force Energy. Facing some weak Imperial Troopers, you just need to hold on and build up the Force Energy stacks. When his Health got low, and it did for me a few times, I relied on the Health Steal of his basic to keep him alive long enough. Finally I pulled. Star Destroyer down from the sky and crushed the enemies for the win and the final 100 shards of Starkiller.

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