MSF: Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #1 Walkthrough & Live Blog

Dark Dimension 5 - MSF

The first missions of the Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness has 21 enemies and 37.9 million health to work through. My team of Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, Silver Samurai, Spider-Man (Symbiote) and Star-Lord (T’Challa) took 3 days and 4 total battles to make it through, adding Shang-Chi on the final day of battles.

Starting off against the 21 enemies as my team checks in at 880k power. I lose SLT and EF rather quickly as getting past all of the Multiple Man duplicates is a real challenge as this kicks my butt on day one. Day two sees me lose SLT early again, but the piling on of debuffs really slows and weakens the enemy forces. I try to capitalize and thin them out, finally killing Multiple Man as the last enemy before the 14/21 new wave of enemies arrives. I lose Emma with 14 enemies left as things fall apart with Loki wreaking havoc on my team. This battle is over with 25m health remaining, but knowing that I just eliminated 12m in one attack has me eager to face more, but patience I must have…

My third attack comes a couple of days later as I struggle with my schedule and lose Silver Samurai and SLT. Keeping the enemies debuffed is key and I run into trouble when the two Groots start to cleanse debuffs, but I have enough in the tank to withstand this and earn the 500k gold and 10k Gold Orb Fragment prize for winning.


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