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Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #3 – Characters Available

  • Doctor Doom – 7 Stars, 5 Red Stars – 203k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – 197k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker
  • Emma Frost – 7 Stars, 5 Red Stars – 183k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker
  • Shang-Chi – 6 Stars, 6 Red Stars – 180k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Raider
  • Silver Samurai – 6 Stars, 6 Red Stars – 177k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Healer
  • Star-Lord (T’Challa) – 5 Stars, 5 Red Stars – 157k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Skirmisher

The third nod of the Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness has 35.7 million health across 21 enemies as my same 942k team, minus Star-Lord (T’Challa), goes into battle. This battle feels like a lazily-programmed SWGoH “hard” battle as the enemies come out with 10+ turns before I take a single turn. As a result I start with Shang-Chi and SMS dead already, and Emma in the yellow. I place 3 basic attacks on Doctor Strange and am killed off with no chance to do anything of note.

My second battle has the same group fighting and more stupidity ensues. After a restart, I go again and after 7 straight hits from enemies before I take a single turn, I at least have all of my characters alive and use Doctor Doom’s heal to get rolling. I am able to lay several hits on Doctor Strange and kill him before taking more hits and losing Silver Samurai. I then blind SMS and get the attacks needed to finish him off as well. I lose Emma and have just Doom and Shang left and Doom his Carnage, and Shang-Chi finishes him off. Another turn right away and I get rid of the Undead Asgardian boss with a Doom special attack. Doom finishes off Night Nurse as they kill Shang, so I can see the end in front of me. I use Doom basics until the end and have things ready for my next battle.

I fight again with SLT in place of Emma and have a team at 916k power. I start off with 16 enemies and 23.4m health to go and reinforcements arrive to help Venom and Heal who survived my earlier attack. I go right after Venom who starts in yellow health and hit him with SLT, SMS and Shang-Chi and finish him off. Of course the enemies get their turns in, and a great many of them, resulting in all of my characters being dead except for Doctor Doom. I land a hit on Doctor Strange and they finish me off with ease, leaving 15 enemies and 22.0m health for tomorrow.

Back again with the above mentioned 15 enemies and 22.0m health to go, and I have Emma Frost back in for SLT so I check in at 942k power. I start in on Doctor Strange and Colleen Wing who is adjacent to him as these are the two I want off the board ASAP. Shang lands a crit on Doc Strange allowing SMS to get his Defense Down and Doom finishes him off after healing Shang and I am down to 14 enemies left and feeling pretty good. I add Disrupted to Luke Cage to avoid a taunt and continue to pile the debuffs onto the enemies, and while I take out Wing I lose Silver Samurai and Emma Frost. I get the enemy count down to just Luke Cage which means 9 of 21 remain as Doombots add to my numbers. Several basic attacks later and the final 8 enemies appear with two Ant-Man, a Ghost and Stature along with a Night Nurse, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Elektra. JJ is my target and I use the big hit from Doctor Doom to weaken the group. I lose Shang then JJ cleanses and the outlook is not as positive, but Doom heals SMS and then hits for another special attack killing Elektra and then I have enough to finish off JJ. I work to spread debuffs onto these 6 enemies and hope for a chance to finish them, but Daredevil keeps healing and I lose Doom with 5 enemies left and SMS is close behind. Tomorrow will see 5 enemies and 2.6m health to go to finish the 3rd node of the Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness.

What I expect will be my last battle on this mission begins with 5 enemies and 2.6m health to go and my team at 976k power after promoting Silver Samurai to 7-stars and the resulting 7-red stars. I take out Daredevil and then Ant-Man and finish off Stature to leave just Ghost and Night Nurse. Fearing nothing of NN, I use Iso-8 to get extra hits in on Ghost and cruise to an easy win for another 500k and 10k Gold Orb Fragments.



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