SWGoH: Unlocking & Upgrading the Profundity – Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Unlocking Profundity - SWGoH

When I started Gaming-fans.com back in 2016, I did so because at the time, there were not a ton of places to go to find help for problems in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. While the number of options is greater today, the goal of this site remains the same – to help SWGoH players work through many of the tricky spots and battles that I also face.

In the Stardust Transmission to unlock and upgrade the stars of the Profundity Capital Ship, I have found that two specific strategies have worked for my gameplay, so I will attempt to describe the main elements of both below.


All-in on Xanadu Blood

Starting Lineup: Profundity, Rebel Y-wing, Ghost, Outrider

For this example, we will go all-in on killing the Xanadu Blood (Cad Bane’s) ship. My opening move is Profundity’s 3rd ability to dispel Stealth and mark Xanadu Blood, and from here is is RNG on killing the ship as dodges and assists are the keys. I use the Outrider’s 2nd ability, then take some hits, and my Rebel Y-Wing takes the next turn. If XB still has protection I use the special attack, but if not I use the basic. When my reinforcement comes up I will choose between Biggs Darklighter’s X-wing or Cassian’s U-wing based on the way the battle is going as both can get assists on their attacks to kill Xanadu Blood off. In fact in the battle I fought while typing this, the assists were dodged and XB lived a few more turns before the Ghost’s AoE finished it off. I always use the Outrider’s 3rd ability when that ship gets a second turn as this is important to the long-term in this battle. No matter how easily the Xanadu Blood goes down, this tends to work out well for the long-term of the battle. I have found that the Executor will heal it up at times which derails the entire battle.

From here the battle is a survival game with seemingly meaningless attacks on the Hound’s Tooth, unless you have the Y-wing’s special available to knock away the protection, as I look to keep the Outrider alive and under Stealth and get to the Profundity’s ultimate and eliminate the Executor from the battle. This is certainly not a foolproof strategy to win the battle, but I find that if the beginning plays out in this way your chances are strong for a victory in the end.


Waiting to Download

Starting Lineup: Profundity, Rebel Y-wing, Ghost, Outrider

In this example to unlock or upgrade the Profundity, the goal is to get the download to take place as quickly as possible. Unlike the above example, I use the Profundity’s second ability to gain 10% download and the Outrider’s 3rd ability to move things along. As my first reinforcement I bring in Cassian or Biggs based on how the battle looks, as I tend to prefer the second taunting tank in my lineup to keep the Ghost and Outrider alive as they are key to the victory. Eventually I do get the Stealth dispelled off of Xanadu Blood and placing all attacks on XB here is not a bad idea, it is just a different way to get to this point, although I find killing XB here without all specials available is more challenging.

In the end, if you can keep your taunting tanks alive and keep the hits off of the Ghost and Outrider, this route can get you there. I would say that this is a 50/50 battle in my experience now after testing it out a few times months after using this way in the original battles to unlock the Profundity.

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