MSF: Kang the Conqueror coming to Marvel Strike Force, Ultron getting and update

MSF 6.7.0 Release Notes

The Marvel Strike Force 6.7.0 release notes have been uploaded to the MSF Website and we have some good information for the community as a result. In addition to getting Archangel’s Awakend abilities for next month’s Apocalypse Saga, we also got word of the additions of Apocalypse, Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror and Moonstone in-game as well as an update coming to Ultron and his minions. Ultron will join Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror, Titania and Moonstone on the new Masters of Evil team that looks to be the next great team in the Cosmic Crucible game mode.

For all of the details in this update, check out the Marvel Strike Force 6.7.0 release notes.

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