SWGoH: Quick Tips for Success in Conquest 25 – January/February 2023

Conquest 25 - SWGoH

The 25th edition of Conquest is upon us as we start on yet another new character quest. This Conquest is the first in a trio of Conquest events, with Admiral Trench as the prize at the end of Conquest 27 in April 2023 and more Dangerous Prototypes datacrons to farm. As always, I wanted to take a moment to help the readers understand some of the Feats and/or simply better define them. While this is “common sense” (whatever that is anymore…) to some when they read the Feat requirements, as I have often said, we have a player base that is full of busy people and sometimes we fail to read through and review the details. Below are some quick tips to help you out in the January/February 2023 Conquest season (aka Conquest #25) in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where the Scythe is the prize in this the first of the three-part, three-month event.

Strategically, my plan is to hit each Conquest event early and often. I try to dominate the first 3-4 days, using all 50 crystal refreshes and maybe even a couple of 100 crystal refreshes as well, in an effort to ensure a life event will never derail my Red Crate prize, and this allows for much more time to farm Datacrons and Datacron materials in SWGoH to use in the GAC and Territory Wars.


Conquest 25 Event Feats

Many of the Event Feats are self explanatory, like defeat 500 enemies or win 40 battles with a full squad of Jedi characters. A few to take note of:

Conquest 25 – Notable Sector 1 Feats

Strategically, if you need to skip a Feat the Torment Feat is the one to bypass. It takes forever. Literally forever. Whoever had the idea to include this at CG is just trolling the fanbase.

  • Armor Up – Gaining “Defense Up” should not be too difficult a task given 25+ characters can now apply it. They include notables Barriss Offee, Bastia Shan, Echo, First Order Stormtrooper, Kyle Katarn, Old Ben, Old Data, Royal Guard, Sith Empire Trooper, Sun Fac, Wrecker and more.
  • Targeting Systems Online – There are a variety of Droids who can inflict the needed Target Lock debuff for this feat. They include 50R-T, B-1 & B-2 Battle Droids, Droideka, General Grievous, IG-100 MagnaGuard, IG-88, Imperial Probe Droid and T3-M4 as well as Tech and Omega from the Bad Batch.
  • Hunters One and All – Defeating 50 enemies with Inquisitorius characters is not that difficult if you have the team built up, and if you don’t I think that EA Capital Games is making it blatantly clear that they’re going to jam them down our throats, so you might as well start getting them built up.

Conquest 25 – Notable Sector 2 Feats

  • Siphoning Strike – To “Gain Health Steal Up” you’re going to need Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous, Greef Karga, IG-11, Juhani, Qi’ra, Sun Fac or Visas Marr.
  • Invincible – To “Gain Damage Immunity” 20 times you’re going to want to use Rey (leader ability), Droideka, Fifth Brother, Jedi Master Kenobi or Beskar Mando, or I used Jabba with Krrsantan to easily 3-star many of the Hard battles and gain Damage Immunity.

Conquest 23 – Notable Sector 3 Feats

  • Blinding Assault – Inflicting Blind is made much easier if you use Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Threepio & Chewie, Mission Vao, Omega or Sun Fac.
  • Into Exile, I Must Go – Gain Master’s Training 50 times. Using Hermit Yoda here in several battles makes this feat rather easy give the global all-Jedi team feat ties into this.

Conquest 25 – Notable Sector 4 Feats

  • All Hutt Cartel – Use Jabba and his cronies to defeat 50 enemies.
  • Torment – Inflicting Torture 50 times is a pain in the butt and really should be 30 at most. You have the Grand Inquisitor and 0-0-0 as options here and that is all.
  • All Ewok – This is the feat the whales skip because it is stupid.

Conquest 25 – Notable Sector 5 Feats

  • Imperial Inquisition – Inflict Purge 300 times with Inquisitors.
  • Fleet-Footed – Evading 100 attacks is a pain, but there are Evasion Boosters you can buy to help you here.
  • Locked Down – Inflicting Fracture 40 times is, like the Torture feat in Phase 4, crazy hard and tedious. You have Thrawn here and nobody else to help out gaining more Fractures, but using him as a Leader in an Empire squad with some Inquisitors will help you work on two feats at once.




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