Jedi Survivor Boss Fight: How to beat Rayvis in Jedi Grand Master mode

Rayvis - Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has now been live for several weeks and the game is proving to be a hit just like its predecessor, Fallen Order. The game follows Cal Kestis just as before as you face a series of battles, puzzles and crazy terrain and exploration as you work your way through the Star Wars Galaxy on this latest quest. As we progress through the game you will face several boss fights and we will look to detail each in this series of articles on Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

With a task to Locate Rayvis on the Shattered Moon, you progress to this talkative boss who Rayvis is incredibly difficult in the Jedi Grand Master mode. After beating Rayvis and completing the entire Jedi Survivor journey on our first time through the game, Mustafar Nathan and I are playing Jedi Survivor a second time through to detail these boss fights, on the Jedi Grand Master mode, to better help players like you win. We have these set to the Jedi Grand Master mode simply because we figure that if we can give you details at the game’s difficulty, other battles will be much easier. While we do not do the YouTube videos to supplement these articles at this time, we know that many simply want a “how to” article with the details of how to win the battle.



Fighting Rayvis


Phase 1 vs. Rayvis

Using the Dual Wield lightsabers is definitely the best option. 

Don’t get greedy with attacks. Range is a very good ally, so the blaster can be good secondary if used correctly – blasting him while he is red will sometimes do extra damage. You can charge and block/dodge at the same time.

Use of the double-bladed lightsaber is probably the best secondary due to the reflecting skill as reflecting rounds of blaster bullets will do decent damage. The lightsaber throw is definitely in play in this battle as it can deal damage almost any time. 

Hit him TWICE (TWO SWINGS) then dodge when he is in between attacks

He can be staggered by his own rockets and use of the auto-parry skill can stagger him as well – giving you room for a few attacks.

Defensively, remember to dodge, dodge, DODGE! Don’t forget that you can block his long distance attacks instead of dodging.


Phase 2 vs. Rayvis

HE IS VERY AGGRESSIVE in Phase 2. Be very careful with attacks – range is your friend. Patience is the key to this battle in Jedi Grand Master mode.

Standing in the middle of the rockets and reflect bullets with double-bladed lightsaber is quite effective (switch between the two stances).

Using the auto-parry skill is a good way to deal damage and reflecting deals damage, with the least risk, but it takes patience.



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