Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Confront Dagan at Koboh Observatory

Koboh - Jedi Survivor

The biggest planet in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is Koboh as, like Bogano in Fallen Order, you find yourself traveling to and from and around Koboh throughout the gameplay. Below we take a look at the Objective to Confront Dagan at Koboh Observatory.


Summit Ridge & Observatory Understructure

Back at it at Summit Ridge, Bode is covering you from the sky and you can grab the floating orbs that allow for your ascension cable and bring it back through the opening to get to a landing on the other side. This leads to a Force Essence with a Skill Point. The use the floating orb to propel Cal across the to a island in the distance and start getting creative to jump from area to area until you find a glider bird to take you farther into the sky and use the grapple to jump to the platforms. In the room use the BD-1’s Koboh grinder to connect the Koboh matter together and burn it down, the grab a floating orb/hot air balloon and use it to head to the building beside you.

The Observatory Understructure takes a few more grappling jumps to reach as we face a variety of enemies including B1 and BX Commando Droids, Bedlam Raiders and Droidekas. We check in with Bode and open a shortcut, then grapple to another floating island building where we face more droids. We latch onto and climb several structures, including one that moves against your momentum, then climb up to fight a bunch of B1 droids. Next we see this three-bladed fan type structure and you grapple around it to a wall then climb to fight a Bedlam Raider and then a Scout Trooper in the room. Throw a floating orb and grapple to get higher in the Observatory Understructure and run through the room to find a boss fight with Urgost, Fist of Rayvis. More on this battle will be posted in our in-depth Jedi Grand Master boss battle.

From the battle, turn to the right and light the exposed electronics with an electro dart with BD-1 and got through the door. There is another electro dart spot and that is followed by some crazy air acrobatics to to a tower where you meet up with Bode. From the platforms form you shoot another electro dart and it allows you to jump, dash and grapple across, then you head into the building.


Diagnostics Corridor

Get deeper into the building and run along some walls and grapple until you find a green laster gate and a meditation circle is nearby. Next you push the button that Bode talks about and get to face two MagnaGuards. From here use BD’s electro darts to light the middle of the circular room and rotate it to prompt more enemies to appear. They get increasingly more difficult as these Bedlam Raiders pack a real punch. After the enemies are dead, rotate the doors once more and grab one of the floating orbs and grapple to get to walls you can climb and run across to reach the Observation Deck.


Observation Deck

On the Observation Deck you unlock a shortcut to the meditation circle then climb higher to find a scene with Mads Gresh and San Dersen who are your next boss battle. We will detail this battle in Jedi Grand Master mode soon. We take out San first and Bode does great work leaving Mads with just 40% health when we get to him, and after defeating both you get a Force Essence for Max Health. We head back and save, then back through the middle of this section and climb. Fight a ton of B1 & B2 droids and then grapple up to a meditation circle to save. Head into the boss battle next to face Dagan Gera and get the compass.

The battle with Dagan Gera is lead off by a lot of dialogue and then he attacks Cal and Bode with his double-bladed lightsaber, so we match the weapon. More will be posted in Mustafar Nathan’s Jedi Grand Master guide. Bode gets removed from the battle for Phase 2, and Malicos starts throwing things at Cal and has a whirling lightsaber in the air at the same time. The battle with Dagan Gera (yes, I know I called him Malicos) is intense and quite challenging and turns andI will save the details for the guide.

After the win we take the elevator down and get a Force Essence with a new Perk called Perplexity, and head the meditation circle to save.


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