MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #5 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The 5th mission of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 43 enemies and 319 million health to work through. Like before, we now have specific groups to use, with Missions 3, 4 and 5 requiring Global characters. My team available to start is Apocalypse, Gambit, Titania, Wong, Captain America (Sam) and Maria Hill as I continue the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs.

I start off the 5th mission with Apocalypse, Gambit, Titania, Maria Hill and Captain Sam for a total of 1,946,289 power as I face 43 enemies with a total of 319m health. For this first battle my team IS at full health after just finishing mission #4 moments ago, but Maria Hill is here because that was a extra attack day thanks to Dark Energy.

To the battle, I am facing some key Deathseed members including Archangel. Apocalypse is up first with the ultimate, and I target Shuri as I am always one to get rid of healers and cleansers ASAP. The Empowered attack does not kill her but has her in red health as Captain Sam taunts and Titania Ability Blocks Dark Beast. Maria Hill calls minions and they kill Shuri so that DB is the new target, and after a Gambit ultimate the battle goes all for the enemies. I lose Maria first then Sam, and then Apocalypse hits Dark Beast and is killed by counter attacks. The enemies overwhelm me and finish me off with 42 of them remaining along with 300m health.

My main team, with Wong instead of Maria Hill, checks in attack 1,965,834 and goes to work facing 6 on-screen enemies. After Wong takes a hit from Archangel, I target him with Apoc’s ultimate and Empowered attack, and now Archangel and Dark Beast are both in red health. A couple of attacks later Gambit kills Archangel and Wong finishes DB as 40 enemies remain with 4 on-screen. After the enemies attack, Wong is now in red health but I target a low-health Killmonger and make quick work of him. 39 remain, 3 on-screen and I am stuck behind a taunt from Fantomex and my Captain Sam taunts. I keep hitting Fantomex and Dazzler beside him and finish them off one-by-one, taking out Nemesis after the two mentioned earlier in this sentence. Once Nemesis is down, 37 enemies remain and 7 enemies arrive as reinforcements, one being Hela, so an 8th is also here in the Undead Asgardian. I go after Shuri first to take the healer/cleanser off the board and Apocalypse uses an ultimate and bonus attack to kill her fast. No 36 remain and Black Panther 1MM is my target and he gets Ability Blocked by Titania with Apocalypse blocking Black Panther beside him. I keep the focus on BP1MM and kill him when Apocalypse takes his next turn, then finish one of two Black Panther enemies, prompting reinforcements at “35” left. 9 enemies now appear on-scree, but two are undead Asgardians. I get one Hela to red health and Gambit does his job as 3 Undead Asgardians are on-screen and one Hela and they prove to be my undoing. I misplay and try to kill them only for all 3 to respawn and the battle falls apart. While I do not know the accurate number of enemies, I do know that 228m health remains for the enemies as I made 72m health of progress today alone!

As I ramp up my Gear farming for my Cosmic team for Mission #6, Mission 5 continues. My main starting 5 are ready and have 6+1 on-screen enemies, the +1 being the Undead Asgardian. Apocalypse starts with his ultimate and the lone enemy with Defense Down after this is Shuri, so she is the recipient of the Empowered attack, taking her to red health. Captain Sam taunts and Gambit’s special kills her off as 31+1 enemies remain and Black Panther is in red health in the front. Wong finishes him and at 30 enemies another Iron Man (Zombie) and another Hela +1 appear. I start working on the other Hela as she was the one I wanted to use the Empowered attack on earlier, but Shuri swayed me. Apocalypse finishes off the weaker Hela and the enemies keep coming at me, killing Captain Sam. Wong finishes Nemesis and Dark Beast becomes my next target as 28+3 enemies remain and 5+3 are on-screen. Gambit’s Heal Block applications continues to be huge as Dark Beast cannot heal and I take him out, shifting my focus to Kestrel after Wong dies. I lose Titania and the enemies gang up on the remaining Apocalypse and Gambit and finish me off with a barrage of attacks. 190m health remains as I head into tomorrow’s attack.

For battle #4 I have an even stronger team after Titania is finally at 7-stars (and 7-red stars). This brings my starting five to 2,031,238 power as I head into battle facing 27+1 enemies. Apocalypse is awesome and starts it off strong and I take out Hela quickly, allowing for the killing off the Undead Asgardian on the next turn as I have a true 26 enemies left. I finish off one Zombie Iron Man and debuff Kestrel as two other ZIMs look on. I continue to place hits on Kestrel as the ZIMs take their turns and when Kestrel is down I change my focus to these final two on-screen enemies. I weaken both at about the same pace, and as expected, once one dies enemy reinforcements arrive, but luckily no more Hela enemies. The enemies get their attacks in and I finally kill the older ZIM but the enemies kill off Captain Sam and Wong as they start to take over with 22 total enemies remaining. The 8 on-screen pile up debuffs on my three remaining, and Apocalypse is able to get Shuri to yellow health before they overwhelm my team and finish me off. In the end, 22 enemies remain with 150m total health to go.

My 5th battle looks to continue to great momentum, and while Shuri is the weakest link, Archangel is my target. Apocalypse does his thing to start then Archangel, now at low red health, teams up with Kestrel to kill Wong and get Captain Sam down to low red health. I kill Archangel only to have Dark Beast revive him shortly after at 50% health and I reset and restrategize… This time around the beginning is basically the same, only my target is Dark Beast now and Captain Sam is in much better shape after the hit from Kestrel, so he taunts. Titania hits DB then on his turn he is killed by a retaliatory hit, not from Gambit. After a Gambit AoE, I lose Titania to ZIM’s AoE attack and Captain Sam does not have much left either as the 6 on-screen enemies are not slowing down. I get another basic from Apocalypse and it all falls apart as Archangel cannot remain on the screen to have success. In the end 20 enemies and 132m health remains.

Back at it and Archangel and Kestrel gang up on Wong and kill him before I take a turn, but the rest of my team is fine with Titania at 55% health and the others near 100%, so I take that as a best-case scenario and go to work. Apoc’s ultimate sets up the Empowered attack which does not kill Archangel, but two turns later Titania finishes him. BP 1MM is low red health and after one enemy attack Gambit kills him as 18 enemies remain. Now I set my sights on Killmonger who is red health and finish him with Apocalypse as Titania takes some hits. Apoc’s next time around he heal Titania just in time by using his middle ability, then Captain Sam taunts. When I kill the next enemy, in my case Iron Man (Zombie), enemies arrive as reinforcements with 16 total left. Apocalypse finishes the remaining Nemesis as the enemies start to make their mark with Archangel killing Sam as everything falls apart from here. I do not even get to take another turn as 15 enemies and 99m health remains.

My 7th battle sees the same starting five as I look to setup the end of this one. With 15 enemies left an 9 on-screen, this is likely as bad as it will get through the end, so I reset until I have a more acceptable opening sequence. I settle on Wong being dead before I take a turn and Apocalypse and Gambit both at 70% health, but after I go after Dark Beast I lose Gambit too soon so I try again. I finally get a round where I kill Dark Beast and that is literally all that happens. Shuri did use her heal with heal block on just before I died, so that should setup tomorrow with her at red health, but 14 enemies and 89.9m health remains as I look to chip away for a couple of days to get to the end.

Just after getting my 5th character to Gear 18 for the Cosmic faction needed in Mission #6, today I am expecting another tough day as I eliminate a few of these enemies to break through, my five are back at it and have 8 on-screen enemies to face. I watch Shuri heal from low red health all the way to 100% and resist 3 times only to see the same each time. Total BS. I finally decide to fight with Archangel my intended target, but after the Apocalypse ultimate both Rogue and Gambit have Defense Down debuffs, so I hit Gambit with the Empowered attack and get him to red health where he lingers all too long. I lose Captain Sam and Wong is now yellow health as I finally finish the enemy Gambit with my own Gambit, and at 13 enemies reinforcements come to screw up my plans with a new Dark Beast and Nemesis. While Shuri is Gambit’s target, I start hitting DB despite knowing what I am up against here. I lose both Titania and Wong and get Shuri to 50% health before I am finished off, only to watch my progress removed tomorrow. 13 enemies and 84.7m health remains.

Battle #9 as I look to chop down another tree today and I go ahead and finish Shuri off at the start to ensure she is no longer an issue, then set my sights on Dark Beast, knowing what a tall task that is. 12 enemies remain, 8 of them on-screen and by the time I take another turn, Wong and Captain Sam are dead. A Gambit ultimate puts Dazzler into red health and I do not take another turn as this battle goes way too fast. In the end 12 enemies and 73.8m health remain.

One notable upgrade before my 10th battle is the advancement of Gambit from 7-red stars to 1-diamond. We will see if the different is noticeable, but I doubt it. My five now check in at 2,050,835 power as I face 12 enemies and target both Dazzler (red health) and Dark Beast, the latter of the two is killed by the Empowered attack. Gambit finishes Dazzler and everything is going my way early. Titania has Rogue Ability Blocked and Wong attacks Rogue to make her my new target. Archangel shows he is still deadly, killing Wong in a one-shot and a Hela appears to muddy the waters. I keep the pressure on Rogue as Apocalypse gets her to red health and Gambit finishes her off with a counter. With Nemesis rebuffed and in my sightline, I decide to go after him at 50% health next, hoping to make it quick. Archangel, my other thought then kills Captain Sam and will have to be dealt with soon, but I keep the attacks on Nemesis and when Apocalypse kills him the final enemies appear as Gambit arrives to make things tricky as 9 enemies remain (8+1). Archangel has to be the target, then Gambit, no matter how much it pains me, and this is where it falls apart. The combo of Gambit’s hits and Archangle’s crazy offense does me in as I die and I die fast. 8+1 enemies remain with 43m health as I near the end.

My 11th battle sees the final 8+1 enemies on the screen with Archangel and Gambit being the big offensive weapons I need to remove. The Empowered attack from Apocalypse finishes Archangel and I focus in on Gambit as he kills Captain Sam on my first attack. When I get Gambit to yellow health he hides under Stealth and I lose Wong, so I have Apocalypse use a basic on Hela, the next target on my list. I eat some enemy hits and need some good RNG to make this battle last with Gambit still under Stealth, but I lose Gambit and Apocalypse with the enemy Gambit at yellow health and Hela at red. Not a very good run as 7+1 enemies and 33m health remain.

After battling earlier this morning I fight my 12th battle after using Dark Energy to heal four characters and add Maria Hill in place of Wong. I have also upgraded Apocalypse to 6-red stars as my five come in at 2,054,195 power facing these final 7+1 enemies. The AoE and following Empowered attack from Apoc target Gambit, the latter of which kills him leaving 6+1 enemies. Captain Sam taunts and I target Hela with the next few attacks, killing her with Gambit’s ultimate. I am able to then target multiple enemies at once, using an Apocalypse special and Gambit special to hit multiple enemies and get ZIM to red health and finally finish him off as 4 enemies remain. I finish off Dazzler next and 3 enemies remain – two Kestrels and a Fantomex. I target Fantomex and kill him next, losing Maria Hill after a well-timed heal for my teammates and Captain Sam after that. Apocalypse gets another ultimate in and uses the Empowered attack to kill one Kestrel as the end shows itself. I work down the final Kestrel to get the win and advance, scoring 2,500 Elite 5 Credits, 1.25m Credits and 50 Augmented Pressurized Tank pieces.

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