MSF: Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness – Mission #6 Walkthrough & Live Blog

MSF - Dark Dimension 6

The 6th mission of the Dark Dimension VI – Shifting Darkness has 32 enemies and 251 million health to work through. Like before, we now have specific groups to use, with Missions 6, 7 & 8 requiring Cosmic characters. My team available to start is Kang the Conqueror, Kestrel, Dormammu, Ravager Stitcher & Nebula as I continue the Dark Dimension 6 Live Blogs & Walkthroughs. Ikaris and Sersi are both Gear 17 with both needing 4 pieces to join this group.

I start off the 6th mission with my team of Kang the Conqueror (Raider), Kestrel (Raider), Dormammu (Striker), Ravager Stitcher (Healer) & Nebula (Skirmisher) for a total of 1,965,129 power as I face 32 enemies with a total of 251m health. All of my characters are at 7-red stars and at least Iso-8, Level 2, Tier 4 but Kang is 1-diamond.

To the battle, I target the left side with Invisible Woman as my main focus, hitting The Thing, Iron Fist (WWII) and more with the adjacent attacks. I get IW down to yellow health as I lose RS, Dormammu and Nebula leaving Kang and Kestrel to try to make a bigger dent in the enemies before my battle ends. I get IW down to low red health and the enemies are just too much with these numbers. 32 enemies and 244m health remain.

Battle #2 where the goal is to chop down some trees and thin out this forest of enemies. As I start IW is under Stealth and has gained form Barrier which has me mad, but after a couple of turns by the enemies and my Nebula, Kang’s AoE passive kills IW as 31 enemies remain and he then uses his ultimate to remove Stealth and weaken the enemies, but Thanos is taunting. I add debuffs to the group and get Thanos to 50% health and these enemies are like Honey Badgers and just don’t care… They wipe me out from there with ease as 31 enemies and 233m health remain.

For my 3rd battle I start with two enemies in yellow health – Thanos and Human Torch – so I target these two immediately. It does not take long as Kang kills HT with his special and Kestrel, Dormammu and RS combine their efforts to kill Thanos as 29 enemies remain. For the 6 on-screen enemies, I still have another Thanos, two The Things, Cull Obsidian, Bucky Barnes and Iron Fist WWII. I lose Kestrel and am stuck behind a Thanos taunt, and clear it just in time for a Dormammu ultimate. This gets Thanos into red health and debuffs all of the enemies and a Kang basic kills Thanos to get to 28 enemies, but reinforcements arrive. Now 9 enemies are on-screen but I am able to immediately kill one The Thing enemy on my next turn and Cull Obsidian as well, just before the newly-added Invisible Woman adds barrier to all. I take several hits and use the Dormammu revives and have enough in the tank to kill the other The Thing enemy as 26 enemies remain, but those left are just too much for my four as they heal up and finish me off. 26 enemies and 195m health remains for tomorrow after a strong run.

As my 4th battle is about to begin I have to start deciding how Nova will fit into this team. I now have him at Gear 17 with 3 pieces needed to get to Gear 18, and Catalysts are my big holdup, so I am hoping to have him ready in a day or two. Nebula had her Iso-8 upgraded as my team is now 1,982,450 power. My battle plan is to take out Invisible Woman ASAP and then Jessica Jones as well. I am able to put all of my attacks on IW and kill her before the enemies take a turn and then change my plan to hit Doctor Doom. After JJ cleanses I get Defense Down on Doom with Kestrel and Kang has his ultimate, which is not enough to kill Doom, but with Vulnerables spread around and Dormammu’s ultimate up, I tagged Ebony Maw and use the ultimate, killing Doom and then using the Iso-8 bonus attack to kill EM. I then focus on JJ and kill her leaving a weak Bucky Barnes and two Iron Fist WWII enemies as 21 enemies remain. I kill Bucky and one IF and get the other IF for yellow health when reinforcements arrive. I decide to start piling debuffs on them and go right after Jessica Jones, knowing the Captain America WWII is waiting his turn to cleanse. I keep targeting JJ, getting her to red health and Kestrel gets bonus hits in IF to get him to low red health as well and I finally switch course and use Kestrel’s ultimate to remove the Deathproof from Iron Fist WWII and kill him as 18 enemies remain. With JJ one hit from dead the enemies start to take over. Eventually JJ cleanses and my characters start falling one-by-one and I don’t even get another attack in. 18 enemies and 119m health remain after another fantastic run today.

For Battle #5 I have added a Diamond upgrade to Kestrel adding 20k power to her specifically. I check in at just over 2m power and go to work with 8 enemies on-screen and JJ in red while Union Jack and Mister Fantastic are in yellow. Nebula hits JJ and Kang’s passive AoE kills her so 17 enemies remain and a basic gets Mr Fantastic to red health before a Dormammu special kills MF and gets Union Jack to red health. Reinforcements arrive and start messing up my battlefield as 15 enemies remain and 9 are now on-screen and I lose Kestrel. A Dormammu ultimate gets Bucky Barnes to yellow but Thanos taunts and I take some more hits. With the enemies highly debuffed and Kang’s ultimate available, I go for it and it does some very good damage, but the new Invisible Woman grants barrier to all enemies. After eating a lot of hits but somehow staying alive, Kang’s passive kills BB and his special does good damage yet again. A Dormammu special targeting a red health Thanos with Defense Down gets the kill as 13 enemies remain, but a Cull Obsidian enemy arrives to replace Thanos. I finish off Human Torch and IW as 11 remain and my heroes hold on. RS and Kang team up to kill the weaker of the two Cull Obsidian enemies and 10 enemies remain, 8 of them on-screen. Nebula finish Captain America WWI as 9 remain and the final two join their battlefield in Doctor Doom and Union Jack. I lose Nebula while typing and Dormammu targets one of two weak Ebony Maw enemies. This proves to be the end of my attacks as I cannot kill EM and the enemies take over. In the end, 9 enemies remain with a total of 54m health to go.

My 6th battle stays with the original five. With 54m health to go I start off against the final 8 enemies, all of whom are on-screen, by hitting Ebony Maw with Nebula and killing him with Kang. I then target the yellow health Union Jack on the far left as Kestrel finishes him off and 6 enemies remain. I take a beating and then go after Human Torch just before he responds with an ultimate to kill Nebula. Dormammu is up with an ultimate and the Iso-8 bonus attack kills HT as 5 enemies remain and I get Bucky Barnes to red health. A Kang ultimate kills Bucky and Kestrel finish the other Union Jack as just 3 enemies remain – Namor, Doctor Doom and Cull Obsidian. I make quick work of Namor but Doom starts calling Doombots and blows up leaving me with just Ravager Stitcher. Needless to say this showdown does not last long and I am finished. 2 enemies and 18m health remain for tomorrow, what I expect to be my 7th and final attack.

My 7th battle is simple – go all in on Doctor Doom and kill him and then go after Cull Obsidian, ending with as many basic attacks as possible to reset cooldowns for Mission #7 next. The reward is 200 T4 Ability mats and 1.25m gold.

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