SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Farming

Mod Farming

Mods can be acquired through Mod Battles, Mod Challenges, and the Mod Store. All players must first start with the Mod Battles area of the game which opens at Level 50.

Similar to the Cantina Battles, Mod Battles utilize Cantina Energy for each battle and any characters within the roster can be used to fight each battle. Each stage of Mod Battles refers to a different mod set.

  • Stage 1 – Health
  • Stage 2 – Defense
  • Stage 3 – Critical Damage
  • Stage 4 – Critical Chance
  • Stage 5 – Tenacity
  • Stage 6 – Offense
  • Stage 7 – Potency
  • Stage 8 – Speed

The Mod Battles area allows players to get started acquiring mods in different sets at either 1* or 2* and the completion of Mod Battles Stage 3 is required to unlock Mod Challenges.

It may be tempting to farm mods from the Mod Battles because the Mod Battles allow players to select a specific set and shape. DON’T DO THIS! Complete all battles from all 8 stages of the Mod Battles and then, only do the Mod Challenges afterward. Mods should only be farmed from the Mod Challenges.

After completing the first three stages of Mod Battles, the Mod Challenges will unlock with the first mod challenges: Health, Defense, and Critical Damage. Once all Mod Battles stages are completed, the remaining challenges will open. Each of the mod challenges require different factions to complete and have three tiers that can each be completed at up to 3*. The Mod Store will also open after completing the first three stages of Mod Battles.

Tier I of the Mod Challenges offer 3* mods in any possible shape and color. Tier II offers 3* and 4* mods, and Tier III offers 3*, 4*, or 5*. Mods should always be farmed/simmed from the highest challenge tier available to give the best option for attaining 5* mods.

Tier I of the Mod Challenges require three characters within the faction at 3* each. Tier II requires four characters at 4* each and Tier III requires five characters at 5* each. Different Mod Sets also require different factions of characters to complete.

All mod sets, outside of Health, require specific factions, so many players will begin mod farming by exclusively farming Health mods until the other factions and challenges are complete.

The different Mod Set Challenges are below listed, along with their respective Faction and the ease of gaining the characters necessary for each faction. The Mod Challenges at 3* goes into further detail about completing the challenges.

Mod Set Faction Ease Note
Health Anyone Easy Gained with first five 7* toons
Defense Jedi Easy Gained by Yoda prep
Critical Damage Jawas Average All 5 Jawas required, but only at 5*-6* to complete Tier 3 at 3*
Critical Chance Scoundrels Easy Gained by Credit Heist prep
Tenacity Rebels Easy Gained by EP prep
Offense First Order Hard Most difficult with 2 characters only on LS/DS Nodes
Potency Empire Easy Gained by R2 prep
Speed Resistance Hard Very small faction with limited use

Mod Sets Are Not Treated Equally:

Critical Damage (Crit Dam or CD) and Potency set mods are the two most valuable sets in the game.

  • Four Crit Dam mods can increase the base crit damage from 150% to 180% which provides one of the highest boosts within the game
  • Higher potency increases the likelihood that a character who applies debuffs (Ability Block, Daze, etc.) will be able to get those debuffs to stick on enemies

Tenancity and Critical Chance (Crit Chance or CC) set mods can have their uses and are better than running characters with no mods at all, but the bonuses that they provide are not always as powerful as Crit Dam or Potency.

Speed is a more confusing mod set, even though it directly affects a stat.

  • As discussed in Speed, aka The Holy Grail, Speed is the most important character stat
  • The Speed set does not offer as much of an increase as an arrow on any set with the Speed primary or some of the higher Speed secondaries
  • The Speed set requires 4 mods to give a maximum bonus of +10% Speed
    • That 10% increase is based off character’s base Speed only.
    • The character with the fastest base Speed (at max gear and level) is TIE Fighter Pilot (TFP) at 170.
    • If TFP is given 4 Speed set mods, the max Speed he could receive is +17 from that mod set.
  • Speed of +17 can be achieved with a single 1* arrow mod with Speed primary and more than +17 can be easily achieved with Speed secondaries on the other mod shapes.
  • The +17 Speed gained by 4 Speed set mods means that a character like TFP would not be able to get other better set bonuses such as Crit Dam or Potency, both of which are highly valued for TFP.

Health is the most basic mod set and offers a direct boost in character health, but once other mod sets become available, Health mods should not be a focus.

Defense and Offense are very convoluted stats that don’t offer as much as Crit Dam, Potency, Tenacity, or Speed sets

  • Defense mods can offer some variety from Health mods
  • Completing the Defense mod set’s Tier III at 3* will open more mods in the Mod Store

The Mod Store:

Mods can be purchased in the Mod Store after completing the first three stages of the Mod Battles. Like other stores in the game, the Mod Store refreshes once every 6 hours, but unlike other stores, the Mod Store can be manually refreshed for just 15 crystals instead of 50 crystals.

The Mod Store offers mods in any rarity or quality and mods are available for both credits and crystals. It is NOT recommended to use crystals to buy mods. Only buy mods using credits.

When purchasing mods, there are a couple options available:

  • Purchase mod sets that are not unlocked yet; e.g., buy Crit Dam mods until all five Jawas are at 5* for the challenge
  • Purchase mods that have desirable primary or secondary stats

The best mods to buy (again, with credits only) are “colored” mods where the Speed secondary is already listed. Grey mods should be rarely purchased, if at all. The only good grey mod to purchase is an arrow shape with the Speed primary.

As referenced in the Mod Levels and Colors sections, a colored/non-grey mod with the Speed secondary showing is the best mod to acquire/purchase because only those mods have the ability for the Speed secondary to increase.

For example, a green mod with the Speed secondary showing will have Speed increase one time when the mod is upgraded to Level 3. A gold mod with Speed showing as any of the four secondaries has a chance for Speed to increase at Levels 3, 6, 9, and 12. A gold mod with +5 Speed showing could increase up four times and could become +20 Speed or higher.

Do note, however, that this increase is not always guaranteed. There is a chance that even a gold mod with Speed showing could have all the other secondaries increase and the Speed secondary could still remain the same.

Speed remained at +5. D’oh!

All this notwithstanding, while a grey 5* mod with zero secondaries showing could gain +5 Speed at some point as it is levelled, that Speed secondary has no chance at all to increase. In many, many cases, grey mods will gain any other secondary stat other than Speed, which can be frustrating.

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