SWGoH: Speed Kills – How to Find the Best Speed Mods

Speed. The ultimate goal of mod farming, and the bane of players everywhere.  There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a fight because of a few speed points. Nothing except trying to close the gap, that is. So let’s look at some of the numbers behind speed mods, the white whale of SW:GOH.+21 Speed Mod

This guide is based off my own experience farming for mods, which I have had great success with. My own highest (secondary) speed mod is +21, which is fantastic. It’s not the highest possible, but still higher than most. Your results my vary, but this is how I acquired almost all of my good speed mods.

Perfect Speed Mods

The highest speed stat that can be found on an unleveled, five dot mod is 5, and the most it can be upgraded each level is 6, giving us a theoretical maximum of +11 speed for green mods, +17 for blue, +23 for purple mods, and +29 for golden ones. Grey mods can have +5 speed, but because they don’t increase, we’re not looking at them.

However, the difference between theoretical maximum and a more realistic maximum is massive. There are multiple places you rely on RNG – getting a useful mod with a speed secondary – as well as the initial amount of speed on it, how many times speed is upgraded, and how much each upgrade adds. So increasing the chance of getting a good speed mod is important.

Obtaining a promising mod

To eliminate the randomness of the first two, I highly recommend refreshing the mod shop and buying mods instead of spending crystals on cantina energy. You miss out on currency, and some credits, but at 15 crystals a refresh, you’re much more likely to find a promising mod in the store without spending any more than you would be on energy.

Look at it this way – the sheer amount of variables involved in mod farming make it prohibitive. A 33% chance of getting a mod in the first place. Six slots you could have drop. Five qualities you could get. Three tiers the mod could be. Up to seven primaries, only one that’s really useful, and twelve secondary stats to choose from. If you get speed as a secondary stat, it’s initial value is between +3 and +5. That’s a lot of variables you need to line up for a great mod.

Getting speed to upgrade

So now there’s only two variables – whether your speed is upgraded, and how much it increases by. The odds of having speed increase vary depending on quality.

Green Blue Purple Gold
One or more
100% 75% 69.92% 68.36%
Two or more
25% 25.48% 26.17%
Three or more
3.59% 5.08%
Four or more

As you can see in the above table, lower quality mods have a lower potential maximum speedBlue Mod Double Speed Upgrade, but a similar chance to upgrade the speed stat. This means that, for example, a blue mod is slightly more likely to upgrade speed twice when compared to a gold mod. So unless you’re looking for extremely high end mods, lower quality mods are still viable.

How High Will It Go?

Even if you’re lucky enough to have speed upgrade each time, you could still end up with a low/mid tier mod. The increase to speed can range from +3 to +6, giving a 25% chance of getting a particular number. Using this, we can check how likely it is that we’ll get the maximum possible speed for each mod.

Green (+11) 25%
Blue (+17) 1.56%
Purple (+23) 0.056%
Gold (+29) 0.0015%

So there’s only a 0.0015% chance to get a perfect speed mod. That’s around a 1 in 66,667 of getting one, starting with an ideal mod. Let’s face it, it’s not realistic. It’s winning the RNG lottery. The chance of getting one is so low that it’s only theoretically possible – based off mods synced to swgoh.gg, no one has one. In fact, only a single +28 speed mod is recorded, out of over 10 million synced mods, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll get that perfect mod, or even come close to one.

The Key To High Speed Secondaries

Because the chances of ending up with a +29 speed mod is so small, you’re almost as well of levelling a lower quality mod with high potential.

The key to obtaining high speed mods, in a nutshell, is to buy mods with potential from the store, and level them, regardless of quality, as long as the desired speed is possible.

Edited for clarity and to fix probability issues pointed out by multiple players on the official forums and reddit.

Special thanks to Vectron from DotE for the title!


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  1. The article is right on, except for the odds that you calculated. Take gold mods for example. You state that the odds of two upgrades is 6.25%. It seems you simply multiplied 25% * 25%. This is not the accurate way. Why? Because that assumes the gold mod only gets two total upgrades, but it has four chances.

    Put another way: Gold mods have four chances to upgrade. The more chances to upgrade, the better chances you have of a speed upgrade, right? Imagine a lame version of a gold mod that only upgraded two times, instead of four times. It would be easy to calculate the odds of 2 upgrades. 25% * 25% = 6.25%. But wait! Our gold mods are better than that. They have four chances to upgrade, not two! So it cannot possibly be the same exact odds to get 2 upgrades. It is higher than that (21.89%).

    Because of this, your numbers skew the recommendations you make. For example, purple mods actually have a 25.48% chance of upgrading twice or more. This is better than blue mods’ 25% chance of two upgrades. Gold mods are even better! They have a 26.17% chance of upgrading at least twice!

    See this page for info on binomial probability problems: http://stattrek.com/online-calculator/binomial.aspx#experiment

    • You’re right! I was incorrect in my calculations and assumed there was exactly one desired outcome. The article has been updated to reflect this, and clarify what the numbers are.

      • monstersnizzle | May 5, 2017 at 12:58 am | Reply

        Can you please clarify. You are saying that grey mods don’t have a chance to multiply at all. Only green, blue, purple, and yellow mods that you receive and are level 1 can multiply. The grey are stuck at stay revealed? Thanks for your time

  2. So basically RNG and buy them from the mod store… amazing…

  3. monstersnizzle | May 5, 2017 at 12:55 am | Reply

    So are you saying that a grey mod has no chance of speed increase and useless for that purpose. Please clarify and thanks for your time.

  4. Excellent article on Speed Mods! This is the best SWGOH site bar none! Especially your Mod Guide. I wish it had been around when I first began buying mods. I’m slowly redoing mine and it’s very expensive. I am encouraging everyone in my clan to check out your site. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  5. Sorry, I meant guild not clan! Flashbacks of previous games. So sorry. I’m an officer in the guild the English Mercs.

  6. Hello friends, very insightful. What is the fastest yoda you’ve seen? If you’d be so kind and take a look at my yoda. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Name: PrinceRhaegar

  7. Looks like best speed mod is not +29 but +30. Just get it today from duble drop.

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