SWGoH Event Update: “Lord of Hunger” Darth Nihilus event details

Since Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has nixed the tournaments after reported cheating and the nerfed Barriss Offee Zeta which rewarded only those who had Barriss, not those who lost out because of these things (yes, I am still bitter), events are the way to unlock new toons. Darth Nihilus - SWGoHStarting on Thursday, February 16th is the latest of these character events as the “Lord of Hunger” Darth Nihilus event details have been released. Four events over the span of 11 days will see rewards being “Darth Nihilus and two other ‘to be announced’ dark side characters.” The events are open squad – whomever you want to use on your roster will be available.

Who is Darth Nihilus you ask? We’re glad you asked!

2.23.17 Update: The Darth Nihilus event has begun and…we have to wait even longer to open the newest Sith Lord in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Beating all 4 phases of today’s event nets you 35 of the 50 needed shards to open Nihilus, thus it looks like Saturday will be the day to open him. We do get to fight with Nihilus in today’s event which is cool, but only in the 4th battle was my team evenly-matched enough to get to use his special attack, Annihilate, which took out Krennic quite nicely!



2.15.17 Update: The Darth Nihilus update and Sith rework are here! Darth Nihilus, Sith Trooper and Sith Assassin have all been added, each opening at 50 shards (3 stars). The event is a 4-part series starting at 3 am ET on Thursday, February 16th, then resuming on Feb. 18th, 23rd and 25th. The initial event features Sith Trooper Shards, the Feb. 18 event features Sith Assassin shards and the final two have shards of the “Lord of Hunger” himself – Darth Nihilus.

Official reviews of the Sith Trooper and Sith Assassin are now available here from Gaming-fans.com. In addition, more details on this event and the upcoming Places of Power event can be found on the SWGoH EA forums.

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