Am I Strong Enough for the Heroic AAT (HAAT)?

As someone who frequents EA’s SWGoH Forums, I often see posts about Guilds looking for HAAT-ready members and players who claim to be ready for the Heroic AAT. But how many of these individuals are ready for HAAT? What I have found in networking on the forums and throughout the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community is that there are a lot of Guilds with a few HAAT-ready members held back by their teammates, and a lot of mid and lower-level players who think they can take on HAAT and dominate – and most are wrong. Check out this piece as we look at the individual player and if you are strong enough for the Heroic AAT, and don’t miss my new piece – Is my Guild Ready for HAAT?

So how does one know if they are ready to step into a Guild and help them defeat the Tank Takedown’s Heroic level? As one of my Guild’s officers and an active recruiter during our build-up to become a HAAT Guild, I scoured the forums and chat long and hard to help us get to where we are today – beating HAAT with ease. But it is not that simple, and nobody wants a member who rides coattails scoring 50k (or less) for each Heroic AAT all while getting the same 6 General Kenobi shards that 4th place gets. Let’s take a look at what it takes to ensure your roster is strong enough for HAAT.

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A few questions you want to take a look at to start:

  1. How many 7-star characters do you have?
  2. How many of those 7-star characters are at Gear 10 or higher?
  3. Which characters are at 7-stars?
  4. Are you dominating – not scoring well – but dominating the Tier 6 AAT?
  5. Are you a team player?
  6. Are you a daily player with a commitment to farming select characters and gearing them up over the course of months, not just a few days?

If you can answer “yes” to that last one, we can continue. If you cannot commit to daily play, and focused farming of gear and specific toons then you are simply not HAAT-ready unless you are willing to spend whale-like money on SWGoH. If so I hope you are single and do not have kids or you are incredibly rich.

Back to the questions above. On #1 my general response is you need to have around 30 toons at 7-stars to be viable for HAAT, given the fact that it is doubtful that anyone will have the perfect fit of 20 7-star toons all gears for HAAT. Thus, you likely have Eeth Koth geared and at 7-stars for the Yoda event as that is all you will ever want him for or need him on since he may be the most worthless toon in the game. For Guilds that know what they are doing, Phase 1 of the Heroic AAT is easy and is not one you should be putting your energy into. Get your Gear 9+ Jedi ready, and if all 50 members can score 84k you will move on to the true test in Phase 2…

When it comes to the number of toons you have at Gear 10 or higher, once again it is having the right characters. Phase 2 is where any Guild will get exposed if the majority do not have the right toons. My Guild recommends the Droid/Jawa combo of HK-47 (L), IG-88, IG-86 along with Chief Nebit and the Jawa Engineer. From my experience, having a Gear 9/Gear 10 blend of these toons can get you in the 300-500k range, but get them all to Gear 11 and you’re around 1 million damage with the right mods. Don’t have Jawa Engineer at 7-stars and think you are okay? Think again – my son peaked at 300k despite the other toons being at Gear 10 and he has been farming JE for months.

As for your scoring in the Tier 6 AAT – I ask “are you dominating” the AAT? Not just doing well scoring 2 million each time, but dominating it. Can you score 3-4 million in Phase 4 with your Rebels or Clones? Tier 6 AAT Raid - SWGOHHow about 1-2 million in Phase 2 with the Droid/Jawa team mentioned above? If those are both a yes then you are ready to step in and be a mid-level member (or better) in a HAAT Guild. If not, plan to be a lower-tier scoring member at best.

Of course a major key to all of these, in my opinion, is being a team player. If you are worried about you – and only you – then you’re going to have a hard time finding one of those good Guilds who want to invest into their members. But if you are a team player and willing to donate gear and sacrifice Rancor ranks and rewards to help build up the lower Guild members, then you should fit in just fine. Even better, if you help communicate what works for you throughout SWGoH, you will be even more valuable to the team, as the best Guilds learn from each others’ experiences.

Finally, are you committed to this? If you don’t have the Phase 2 Droid/Jawa team above, a Clone team with Leia, a Wiggs Rebel team, or a Zader team at Gear 11, you have some work to do. If you can focus on the specific toons needed, focus on gearing up a super team (or two) instead of trying to gear 20 toons at once, and can see it through to Gear 11 on all members of that team, then you can make this happen even if you are behind on the items above.


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  1. Mon Mothman | March 7, 2017 at 5:39 pm |

    A great guide, seems to answer all the right questions. I concentrated on 1 team at a time to gr11, it’s much better knowing you can contribute to a phase without having to be P2P.

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