SWGoH: Is my Guild Ready for the Heroic AAT (HAAT)?

Recently, I posted an article called Am I Strong Enough for the Heroic AAT (HAAT)? In it, I addressed several areas I feel are important for individual player HAAT success. Today, we’re looking at the Guild as a whole. With the recent changes in SWGoH that effectively removed mercenaries from being able to help a Guild stuck on Phase 2 or 3, it is more important than ever that Guild leaders effectively plan in order to be able to beat the Heroic Tank Takedown Raid. Tier 6 AAT Raid - SWGOHIn my Guild, Descendants Of The Empire, I am an Officer and fill the Role as Tank Deputy – a fancy title to say that my job was helping to get us HAAT-ready. After weeks of beating the t6 AAT in a matter of a few hours, we soon realized that the Tier 6 AAT and HAAT could not be farther apart. Along with the other Officers and especially our Tank Boss Mon Mothman and Stat Boss Adelka, we were able to formulate a plan, see that plan through with our members, an get to a point of beating HAAT after one month of hard, focused work. Let’s take a look at some key points that helped us get there.

  1. Leave Phase 1 alone – We attempted the Heroic AAT and beat Phase 1 in early January with 35-40 Jedi-focused teams, thus we quickly decided that working on these teams was wasted effort, time and gear. Quick tip – if your guild struggles with Phase 1 you might as well abandon the raid. Ok, not really because it is good practice, but if you struggle to have your top players scoring 86k (2%), then you’re months away from being ready for HAAT.
  2. Build for Phase 2 and Phase 3 – Most Guilds hit a wall in Phase 2 about halfway through the tank battle. Without several very strong Droid/Jawa teams or at least some decently-geared Clones, Phase 2 is the one that kicks your butt. Remember, you are shooting for 384k from each of the 50 members of your Guild – not an easy task if you have Gear 8 toons or the wrong toons altogether. We analyzed all 50 members’ rosters in early January and found just 16 were “Phase 2 ready” with the Droid/Jawa team of Hk-47 (Lead), IG-88, IG-86, Chief Nebit and Jawa Engineer. A month later when we were successful, we had added 9 more Phase 2-ready teams in addition to the strengthening of to rest of the Guild. The difference was clearing another 30-40% of Phase 2 without needing to use our scrub teams.
  3. Phase 3 Chirpatine and PalpaFighter teams are a must – You’re going to need one of these two teams for sure if you are a young Guild looking to beat HAAT for the first time. In our early January analysis of our Guild just 4 had a Phase 3-ready team compared to 15 a month later. Not to mention the many newly added TIE Fighter Pilots and beefed up tanks (Stormtrooper Han being a must), this difference showed in a month’s time.
  4. Phase 4 is no breeze, but it’s not as tough as Phases 2 and 3 – Phase 4 was  expected to be easier than 2 and 3, but it wasn’t easy. I, along with a couple of others in our Guild, was scoring over 5 million alone in Phase 4 of the Tier 6 AAT which prompted my article referenced above – Tier 6 AAT Raid & HAAT couldn’t be farther apart. Note the January 5 date – just after our failed Heroic AAT attempt (A 4-5 million Phase 4 in the t6 AAT translates into 400-600k in HAAT – see photo above). At that point we had 37 squads with Phase 4-ready teams, the difference was we never got to see Phases 3 or 4 in our early January HAAT attempt. However, in February it was not a big deal as we let loose on Phase 4 to finish the tank off. After a week off to regroup and move a few rosters around, we started beating HAAT regularly and have not looked back since. So gear up your Rebels, or better yet Gear 10/11 Clones with Leia, and have fun finishing it off!

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A look at some stats. In our first successful HAAT we had 21 (total) members score over 1 million points and 4 score over 2 million. In our second success over the Heroic AAT, 20 (total) members scored over 1 million, 4 scored over 2 million and one scored 3 million. Thus, 40% of your Guild needs to be not only HAAT-ready, but ready to do significant damage. Odds are you do not have any 6-8 million point whales in your Guild. At the bottom, if you have perennial non-participants or several low-scoring members it will hurt your Guild’s chances significantly. More than 2-3 members who fail to even score 200k is a death sentence. I suggest you find a respectful way to replace those members and don’t burn the bridge in case you need them later. We have successfully brought back past members as our Guild got stronger as the war of attrition in SWGoH is real and you will lose members in the future. Unfortunately, as I have written about in the past, finding new members is not always an easy task.

Barriss Offee Zeta P4 HAAT - SWGoHSo what happens if we fail? If you fail in your Heroic AAT attempt all is not lost. I’d be interested in seeing how far you made it – late p2 shows you are a few teams from getting to the next step. Farther than that means you’re in solid shape. But if you get stopped halfway through Phase 2 that tells me you need a good month of specific farming and gearing as we did back in early January.

One item to consider if you fail and are not close to beating the Heroic AAT is a Guild merge. Recruitment of 3-5 players or more is incredibly difficult, especially if you are looking for significant upgrades. I wrote a rant in February that Guilds unwilling to compromise make recruiting players like finding a needle in a haystack. In that piece my main point, which may or may not have come across, was that putting aside egos and compromising is likely the best solution for all involved. But leaders want to keep their Guild name or get selfish about rules and blow it for everyone.

Interested in a review of your Guild’s roster before you take a shot at the Heroic AAT? Hit me up using the form below and I will gladly give you a 30 minute review of all accounts linked on SWGOH.gg. Just send the link to your Guild’s SWGOH.gg page in the notes.


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