SWGoH: Territory Battles Hoth – Ultimate Guide

SWGoH - Territory Battles

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes version update is here and the game mode, Territory Battles, can now be seen in-game. Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer, who has been VERY busy of late, brings you the ultimate guide to the premiere installment called Hoth Imperial Invasion. It’s all we know so far, based on game datamine, first look in-depth videos and various players’ knowledges, and also offers links to useful tools.


A guide is divided into several chapters


Walkthrough All Phases & Missions

  • Territory Battles – Hoth Invasion is now a six day Guild event consisting of six phases that are each 24 hours long (originally planned 12 hrs over 3 days).


Guide to Characters & Ships You Will Need

  • SWGoH Territory Battles RewardsFor Territory Battles – Hoth Invasion, players need Light Side teams, one of them must be a team of Rebels, some specific characters and also ships. But you will use your whole roster.


A Look at the Reward Structure

  • The reward system in Territory Battles is based on earned stars. You can get a maximum of 45 stars, and rewards are connected to their final count.


How to Calculate Power, Points & Earn Stars

  • You earn points and stars on territories thanks to the galactic power of your units. Count your guild strength before you start to get a bright look what rewards to expect.


Increasing Galactic Power Efficiently

Territory Battles - SWGoH

  • Try to gain galactic power of your entire collection, even lower starred units. Every point can decide if you progress.


Basic Strategy & Tips for Early Success

  • Territory Battles can be tricky, especialy when deciding how to use your units. Strategic planning is needed because you can’t use the same characters repeatedly in one phase.



Phase Information Table – Google sheet by PyreFly

Phase Summary Table + Guild Event Store – Google sheet by unknown author

Territory Battle Readiness Calculator – specialized tool from swgoh.life website

SWGoH.gg – website with lot of stats and help once you link your game account

Mods Master List Helper – find the best mods for each character on this website



Hermit Yodapreview on official forum – gameplay video by SmithieD

Captain Han Solopreview on official forum – kit video by MobileGamer

Rebel Officer Leia Organapreview on official forum – kit video by MobileGamer



Warrior Presents – Complete TB Strategy Guide on Youtube

AhnaldT101 – Hoth Invasion In-Depth Overview on Youtube

MobileGamer – Territory Battles Explained By A Developer on YouTube


We all at Gaming-fans.com hope you will find this useful and wish you good luck in Territory Battles. We will try to keep all of our guide articles related to Territory Battles updated so you should always find relevant info here.


Compiled by BluesOneCZ / SithHappens2EU guild
Follow him: TwitterReddit

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