Battlefront 2 Class Overview: Heavy

Battlefront 2 is bringing back the class system from the original games. Each faction has four classes. This is the Heavy Class:

Heavy Class

Hold the Line

The Heavy class takes territory and dominates it, providing the foundation for a team position.

Focused Firepower

Sometimes, you need to lay down a rain of suppression fire, hold the line near a capture point, or brute-force your way through a narrow corridor. Heavy class excels in these roles.

First Order Heavy Trooper

In the Center of Battle

The Heavy trooper isn’t quite as nimble as other classes, but he makes up for the lack of agility with toughness and raw power. Each trooper class can equip Star Cards to modify and enhance their combat abilities. A few examples of the ability Star Cards for the Heavy class are:

  • Combat Shield:  A small forward-facing shield that allows the user to fire the primary weapon while slowly advancing.
  • Sentry: Enter a powerful medium-range combat mode where you deploy a heavy repeating blaster with massive damage output, at the cost of severely limited movement.
  • Impact Grenade: A grenade that immediately explodes on impact with any object.

B1 Heavy Battle Droid

Heavy Weapons

Specialty          Area Control, Defense

Mobility           Low

Team Roles     Cover fire, Heavy Weapons

Durability       High

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May the Force be with you!

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