Battlefront 2 Classes: Officer

Battlefront 2 is bringing back the class system from the original games. Each faction has four classes. This is the Officer Class:

Officer Class

In Command

Officers make their teammates better. They wield special skills to buff classes, lock down enemy positions with automated blasters, and strengthen their allies.

Make Your Allies Stronger

Lending Support

Officers heal their friends and deploy buffs to enhance teammates.

Command Battle Droid

Heart of the Team

Officers use their Abilities to help everyone around them fight more effectively and directly affect the tactical situation by employing powerful automated weapons. Each class can equip Star Cards to modify and enhance their combat abilities. A few examples of the ability Star Cards for the Officer class are:

  • Blaster Turret: A deployable turret that fires at enemy soldiers and vehicles. Can be picked up and replaced by owner. Can be repaired by Officers by staying close to it. Can be detonated by owner.
  • Battle Command: Issue a Battle Command that inspires friendly soldiers in your vicinity to push themselves harder, effectively making them able to withstand more damage.
  • Flash Grenade: A grenade that explodes to blind enemies. Also does minor damage.

Republic Officer

Specialty          Support

Mobility           Moderate

Team Roles     Strengthening teammates, Battlefield control

Durability       Moderate

Click on the video below to be taken to my video guide of the officer:

May the Force be with you!


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