SWGoH: Should I Buy the Capital Ship Packs?

Several important ship changes and additions were announced recently – the top 20 places in the ship arena will receive a crystal reward, 7* capital ships are now available, and a new capital ship will be available through a legendary event. This new capital ship will be the Chimera, piloted by Grand Admiral Thrawn, and will require a fleet of rebel ships to obtain. Like all legendary events, each tier of the Imperial Chimera event will have a minimum star level requirement, with the top tier needing 7* ships, including Admiral Ackbar’s capital ship, Home One.

Coinciding with these changes, a pack for each capital ship has been released, which is what this entry into out popular “Should I buy” series is looking at. Costing 999 crystals apiece, they can drop 10-100 shards of your chosen ship, as well as 45-134k ship building material. I bought 10 of these packs (Home One, since it’s needed for Chimera) and here is what I received:

Home One Capital Ship Pack Drops

  • 8 pulls of 10 shards
  • 2 pulls of 12 shards
  • 9 pulls of 45k ship building material
  • 1 pull of 135k ship building material

As you can see, I received minimal shards from each purchase, and all except one pack gave me the minimum amount of ship building material.

Final Thoughts: Unless you’re willing to spend almost 10,000 crystals on a 7* capital ship, it’s probably not worth buying any packs, especially since the event for each ship is only 800 to refresh and awards 15 shards. It should also be said that upgrading a capital ship from 6* to 7* requires 2 million ship building credits, more than you can get from the maximum of 10 packs it takes to get enough shards.

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