More Territory Battles, New Characters & Guild vs. Guild Coming to SWGoH


A newsletter entitled The Road Ahead for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was published earlier today, continuing what has been widely regarded as significantly improved communication in the game since June 2017. In a newsletter/update released on the SWGoH Forums, we learned of several game additions/updates that are coming soon.

SWGoH - Territory WarsNew Territory Battles – A new Territory Battles map will be introduced featuring the Dark Side and undoubtedly prompting a lot of changes in how players strategize currently.

Guild vs. Guild – A new game mode featuringĀ Guild vs. Guild called Territory Wars pitting guilds against each other to gain individual territories and likely rewards as well.

New Ships Legendary Event – Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Star Destroyer, The Chimaera, will be the newest Capital Ship introduced in SWGoH and will be part of a Legendary Event, this first of its kinds in the Ships mode.

7-star Capital Ships – In addition to The Chimaera being added as a Capital Ship, the three current Capital Ships will be able to be leveled up to 7-stars in a new event to come.

New Nightsisters – Recently rumored and now confirmed, the Nightsisters will be adding a few new members just in time for Halloween. With Talia as October’s Daily Login Character,

Phoenix Rework – Yesterday we learned of a Phoenix rework which will add new Zeta Abilities to 5 of the 6 original Phoenix Squadron members.


Details and the entire article can be found on here.


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  1. What is the name of the pony-tailed character in the far left ?
    Also I notice several new ships on that picture , 1 rebel 2 empire (lambda class shuttle)

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