SWGoH GameChangers: Two Sith Favorites to be Enhanced

With rumors swirling, some solid to some utterly laughable, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes fans across the globe are hoping to predict the next updates for the game. With devs adding fuel to the fire in the forums and hints being dropped, we finally have some glimpse of what may very well be the Month of Sith. While that is nothing more than speculation at this time, the rumors continue to swirl.

So who are the two Sith that will get a rework in the coming days? Thanks to EA/CG’s SWGoH GameChangers program, Gaming-fans.com is pleased to be able to report that Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are the chosen two. Let’s take a look at the changes that are upcoming, and be sure to check out actual gameplay footage in the videos made by our SWGoH GameChangers friends.

Emperor Palpatine detailsDarth Vader detailsGameChanger videos

Emperor Palpatine will begin with clarification of what his Shock debuff does with the text “Shock: Can’t gain Health, Buffs, or bonus Turn Meter” being added. His Let the Hate Flow special will now read “All other units lose 5% Health and Palptine recovers Health equal to 150% the total amount lost. Emperor Palpatine - SWGoHPalpatine gains 50% Turn Meter for each Shocked enemy. All allies gain Health Steal Up for 1 turn.” The addition being the new buff – Health Steal Up.

Palpatine’s new Zeta on Crackling Doom will read “While Palpatine is active, at the start of each enemy turn, they take damage equal to 20% of their Max Health for each of the following: they are Shocked; they are a Jedi; they are a Rebel. This damage can’t defeat enemies. Palpatine has +50% Max Protection, and, when he inflicts Shock, he gains 5% Max Protection until the end of the encounter.” Needless to say, the added survivability will be the key here.

Finally, Emperor Palpatine’s new Zeta Leadership  will now read “Empire and Sith allies have +35% Potency and 35% Max Health. Jedi and Rebel enemies have -35% Potency and -35% Evasion. When an Empire ally inflicts a debuff during their turn, they gain 20% Turn Meter. When a Sith ally inflicts a debuff during their turn, they recover 20% Health. When a debuff on an enemy expires, Empire and Sith allies gain 5% Turn Meter.” The new changes with the Zeta are increased Potency and Max Health for Empire and Sith allies, plus the 5% TM gain whenever a debuff on an enemy expires.

While Darth Vader has been reworked once before when his Zeta leadership ability was added, this new rework will take his anti-Jedi abilities and apply them to Rebels as well on Terrifying Swing. Given the plethora of Rebels in SWGoH, this will be great news to many. A very nice addition to Force Crush will be that this attack will no longer be able to be countered.

Darth Vader - SWGoH

The addition of a new Unique ability, No Escape, is the big change with text that reads, with a Zeta, “At the start of each encounter Darth Vader gains 8 Speed until the end of that encounter for each of the following: Empire ally, Sith ally, Jedi enemy, Rebel enemy. Darth Vader is immune to Turn Meter Reduction and recovers 5% Health when a Damage Over Time effect on an enemy expires.” Thus, the team you put around Darth Vader is as important as ever, and the enemies you face can make him faster as well.


Quick Thoughts: This is certainly going to improve both characters, but until we use them with their newfound abilities it is hard to say how much it will help. Under a Palpatine lead Sith and Empire toons will gain greater synergy and the 5% TM gain whenever a debuff on an enemy expires will be more valuable than it looks when used with teammates that place a lot of debuffs on the enemies. The inability of enemies to counter Vader’s Force Crush is a very nice addition – this will prove valuable against CLS teams and in Territory Battles for sure. While I am unsure of whether or not Palpatine and Vader will become part of the latest SWGoH META in the Squad Arena or not, this is certainly a nice improvement on both characters.


SWGoH GameChanger Videos for Emperor Palpatine & Darth Vader

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