SWGoH GameChangers: QoL Update & New Raid are coming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Sith Raid

As stated yesterday, in 2017, February was the Month of the Sith in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes seeing the addition of Darth Nihilus, Sith Assassin and Sith Trooper to the game and more. Earlier this week the EA/CG SWGoH GameChangers released details on reworks of two Sith favorites – Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader and yesterday we learned that Sith Marauder is set to join SWGoH.

But while all of this exciting news has been hitting the public this week, even more is ongoing behind the scenes. Two major announcements – a Quality of Life Update and a new Sith-focused Raid – are set to join the SWGoH universe in the near future. While details on this are to be determined, it’s clear that the crew at EA & CG are hard at work creating more content for the player base. Let’s take a look at some videos made by our SWGoH GameChangers friends for more information on these two exciting announcements.

SWGoH GameChanger Videos

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