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FN-2187, better known to the Star Wars world simply as “Finn,” is yet another character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes who became instantly viable thanks to the introduction of Zetas Materials and Abilities. One of the stars of The Force Awakens, Finn is a Resistance Tank that excels as a leader in an all-Resistance squad. Let’s take a look at his Zeta ability.

Finn - SWGoHThe Finn Zeta appears on his Leader ability, Balanced Tactics, reading “Resistance allies gain 30% Offense and 60% Defense, and other allies gain half that amount. Whenever a Resistance ally loses Foresight, they gain Advantage for 2 turns and whenever an enemy takes damage from Expose, reduce the cooldowns of all Resistance allies by 1 and grant them 35% Turn Meter.” The key from the Zeta is the “whenever an enemy takes damage from Expose, reduce the cooldowns of all Resistance allies by 1 and grant them 35% Turn Meter” part – thus if you can land multiple Expose debuffs on your enemies you can keep the cycle of continuous moves for your team rolling AND use your Resistance characters’ special attacks over and over again. Having Poe Dameron alongside Finn is very important, given Poe’s Resistance Bravado special has a 65% chance to land an Expose debuff for 2 turns. In addition, both Resistance Pilot and Resistance Trooper can land Expose as well making Finn’s Zeta perfect for the Resistance toons as a group.


Finn Zeta Review

Gameplay: Finn’s Zeta is easily one of the most fun to play with. While I do not run my Resistance squad in HAAT or the Arena, it makes for an enjoyable cruise through the Galactic War each day as I can beat 90-95% of the squads I come across. The landing of the Expose debuff is quite enjoyable and keeps things rather interesting given the turn meter increase and ability to take entire squads out without a single shot being fired against mine.

Squad Arena: Personally, I do not use my Zeta Finn in the Arena. The setup is key for this character and his squad – a very fast Poe Dameron using his Resistance Bravado special and consistent Expose debuffs landed by the rest of the Resistance squad (or Darth Sidious) is key, but my December 2015 Squad Arena shard does not have any Resistance teams in the Top 20 nor have we for some time. If you were to run a Zeta Finn squad, having the right mods on Poe Dameron, Resistance Pilot and Resistance Trooper would be incredibly important in my opinion.

SWGoH - Zeta Materials

Rancor: I have not yet used my Zeta Finn against the Rancor, but given the fact that you have no character in the Resistance that removes Turn Meter and the Expose debuff is the key to gain TM, I would not see this as a top-tier team opposite the Rancor.

AAT/HAAT: Smithie D and others have published videos on a full Resistance squad putting up big numbers in Phase 2 of HAAT. Personally I had not experienced this until challenged by a fan on one of the SWGoH forums, and I was highly impressed by my findings. With three at Gear 11 (Poe, R2-D2 and Resistance Trooper) and two at Gear 8 (Finn and Resistance Pilot) I put up 1.1 million with good to very good Mods. Honestly, the run was enough to cause me increase my score on Zeta Finn as I was very impressed. The constant landing of the Expose debuff granted my toons tons of TM and had it not been for the low gear levels on the two and some bad RNG at the end, 1.5-2 million is indeed very possible. Thus, if you do not have the standard Droid/Jawa team for Phase 2 and have strong Resistance toons, this may be a good route for your gameplay, but if you have Phase 2 and Phase 4 covered (as most who fight HAAT regularly do), then I would not invest solely into a zFinn just for the Tank Takedown raid.

Territory Battles – Hoth: The addition of Territory Battles had provided challenges to players at all levels in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and caused me to upgrade the rating of Finn’s Zeta ability as a result. The need for strong Light Side teams in Territory Battles – Hoth is a must to be a top contributor to a Guild’s Territory Points, and even under geared Resistance teams with a Zeta Finn leadership have a huge advantage in Combat Missions.

How I Use zFinn: My use of zFinn started as fun in the Galactic War, however scoring 2 million plus in Phase 2 of HAAT became possible as gear levels increased. Personally, I find a Zeta Finn to be a lot of fun to play SWGoH with, however I typically run into 1-2 squads in the Galactic War each day where I have to bring in my Zeta Maul squad to win. zFinn can, with some good RNG, beat 95% of what I face, but high-level teams with a Rex leadership or with a super-fast Yoda can really throw the entire domino effect off. With Territory Battles – Hoth now being a major focus, Finn’s Zeta is even more valuable.

My Rating of zFinn: My rating for zFinn has been bumped again, now down a half point to a 9/10 as the value of Finn’s Zeta is diminished by Rey (Jedi Training)’s leadership Zeta. However, for players without RJT the value remains incredibly high as I last raised it after seeing more success in HAAT and Territory Battles. As stated in the Kylo Ren Zeta review, I am trying to reserve a 10/10 for the best of SWGoH, and with a Zeta on Finn’s leader ability he is incredibly fun and viable and up there with the absolute best in my opinion.


Want more about Finn’s Zeta ability in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? Check out the video from CrazyExcuses below!


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