SWGoH Zeta Review: Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)

SWGoH Fulcrum Ahsoka

The Clone Wars fan-favourite who later returned in Rebels, Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) – often billed as FAT by the community – excited many with her arrival and her ability to turn mass buffs into mass damage.

SWGoH Fulcrum Ahsoka

Despite a brief flirtation in the upper end of the Squad Arena, Ahsoka seemed to fall out of favour just as quickly as she appeared due to the AI’s performance with her defensively.

Much like my first Zeta review of Asajj Ventress, Ahsoka is one of my favourite characters in all of Star Wars and finding a way to use her effectively has long been a goal. The arrival of the Sith Raid may in fact be the way…

The in-game description for Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)’s Zeta ability reads “Consume all non-unique buffs on Ahsoka and deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack scores and additional hit for each type of buff consumed. The target can’t Evade and has -50% Armor against this attack.”


Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) – Zeta Review

Gameplay: Adding Ahsoka’s Zeta to Whirlwind is pretty much essential to get the best out of her. With -1 cooldown, -50% Armor and making her mega damage attack unavoidable, Whirlwind’s Zeta really is quite nice. The problem is finding a team to use her in…

Squad Arena: Upon her release Ahsoka quickly appeared in many teams at the top of our arena shards. We saw her plugged into a lot of the Rebel Meta builds until a big flaw was noticed… without a team that is buff heavy, her Whirlwind does considerably less damage. Most of the common teams were not buff heavy and thus Ahsoka didn’t bring quite as much bite as her kit was capable of. To get the best use from her you’d likely need to run a Rogue One team, a Rebel build with lots of buffs is nice but again there are issues; 1) Who do you drop from Jyn, Cassian, K-2, Baze and Chirrut that would be an improvement? 2) The AI will often use Whirlwind before Meditate, the very move that copies ally buffs to charge her big attack in the first place. This pretty much ruins her use on defence. Overall she is a good team member but not a META changer due to these reasons.SWGoH - Zeta Materials

Rancor: Ahsoka’s lack of Turn Meter Reduction and reliance on a buff heavy team pretty much leaves her out of all Rancor teams. She will essentially serve the purpose of damage dealing and not bring anything to the team that another attacker couldn’t. Whirlwind’s Zeta really makes no difference here.

AAT/HAAT: Again Ahsoka isn’t really used in the Tank Takedown Raid either. She saw some use in the various P2/P4 Rebel builds but as new characters got released and Big Mix teams arrived on the scene, Ahsoka completely vanished from use here. Whirlwind’s Zeta again doesn’t bring a lot to the table and wouldn’t be a worthwhile HAAT investment.

Sith Triumvirate Raid: This is one area I found a use for Ahsoka, finally! I came across a team with a couple of my live Twitch viewers that we since called Snippet. While it is a Zeta heavy, powerful team, it also gets real good use out of Whirlwind which is the vital Zeta to the team’s damage output. With my record at 2.6m currently, I suspect 3m MAY be possible. This places it among the top teams for Phase 2 damage. (LINK)

Territory Battles: Ahsoka can work fairly well in Light Side Territory Battles as it’s an offensive game mode. Plug her into a Rogue One team or an Ewok team to really allow Whirlwind to shine, particularly against the tanky Elites.

Territory Wars: Offensively you’ll get some use here, but defence would be a poor choice due to the AI’s poor use and timing of Meditate and Whirlwind. She can plug into a Wedge/Biggs Rebel squad, Rogue One, Ewoks or even a Jedi team if Grand Master Yoda can supply enough buffs. I certainly wouldn’t Zeta for this reason though, it’d just be another area you can get some use out of it if you already have it or get it for The Sith Triumvirate.

How I Use zFAT: Honestly I don’t use Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) much and that saddens me. As a big fan of Ahsoka she just doesn’t have a lot of use outside of the Sith Raid in Phase 2 or some offense play in the Squad Arena. However, at the time of writing in March 2018, the Arena really doesn’t have much of a spot for her or Rebels. I’m happy with my discovery of her Sith Raid usage as it has given her a purpose. Snippet outperforms Ewok teams without her by almost a million so far and it’s entirely down to her Zeta attack.

My Rating of Zeta Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum): Ahsoka is a good character but is not a top end Meta option due to her poor defensive performance. Her high damage will likely kill one of your team but the AI is unlikely to use her at her best. TW/TB is difficult as ideally you’d use her in Snippet or Rogue One, but the main Rogue One area people would use her would be Phase 6 of Territory Battles due to lack of 7* Baze… but you can’t as its Rogue One only. The Snippet discovery has given me hope that Ahsoka has a place again. In the Snippet team her Zeta is incredibly valuable and a must have to deal with Darth Sions armor, unfortunately outside of this her Zeta just isn’t much of an investment so I’d be forced to rate it 5/10.


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