SWGoH: Assault Battles – Secrets & Shadows Walkthrough & Tips for Success

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

So far they have not done a Mythic Tier for this SWGoH Assault Battles event, so it is the same event you have already seen. As usually I will present my review focused on the hardest tier, in this case the Bonus Tier. All the strategies remain the same for the lower tier but are simply easier to execute. Note as well the video attached is my run through this morning. And I feel it important to note that yes at this point my Phoenix Squad is obscenely good, so it makes things look easy, but I am still going to take you through the general premise of how to beat each wave.

This is the team I used, note all toons are level 85, and have all abilities maxed including Zetas.

  • Hera Syndulla, Gear 12.0, Speed 212 (80)
  • Kanan Jarrus, Gear 12.2, Speed 181 (86)
  • Ezra Bridger, Gear 12.1, Speed 235 (95)
  • Sabine Wren, Gear 12.1, Speed 244 (93)
  • Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, Gear 21.1, Speed 203 (88)

As you will note I left Chopper out of my lineup, this is for two reasons that are specific to my own team. First, with all my Phoenix at gear 12, I never lose protection in this fight, so I absolutely do not need the extra healing from chopper. Second because I do not need the healing from chopper I might as well take the extra offense and end the fights faster. It is also worth noting that a Zeta Sabine is just insanely good in this event.

Hera Strategy
So Hera is here for two reasons, her leader ability, and the backup plan. In this event when facing Nihilus Backup plan will revive an ally that ahs been annihilated, so a good set up going into the last wave can make it significantly easier.

Kanan Strategy
Kanan is mostly here for healing and counters, though ihis zeta can be a real turn meter generating machine if you place the foresight on ezra. (Ezra can take a lot of turns in a row meaning the foresight expires faster giving TM to everyone)

Ezra Strategy
He is here for pure damage, and if you really need to bring in chopper for the extra healing I would actually consider dropping Ezra all things being equal. While he is fast and does great damage in wave 4 his being a Jedi is a major hindrance.

Zeb Strategy

Zeb is here to keep you alive with his protection regen, he also does some very good damage with his special, and can daze a Sith Trooper with retribution.

Sabine Strategy
She provides a ton of damage that Sid cannot dodge, and if you have her zeta…… well that zeta is absolutely amazing in this event, being able to stack up to 6 exposes on Sid or Nihilus can deal an absolute ton of damage, add to that the stagger and you can prevent some toons from taking turns at all.


Wave 1 Strategy

Taking out the Sith Assassins quickly can be a huge benefit here, they will stealth and hide behind the troopers if you let them. Using an assist attack or flourish can often drop them in one turn leaving you free to take out the others. Savage can also be annoying but it is generally safe to leave him till last.

To be blunt if you are losing a character on any of the first three waves you might as well go gear up some characters because it’s not going to happen for you this time, and the rewards certainly are not worth the frustration.


Wave 2 Strategy

This is identical to wave one except you have Maul instead of Savage. No real changes needed here, though you may want to try and focus down Maul first as his AOE daze can be a pain.


Wave 3 Strategy

This is where things get a touch interesting, you are now facing Dooku, and you possibly have 2 Jedi on your team.

Job number one is to kill the B2 droid, then you want to save your big attacks for Dooku while you pick off the B1 droids with your basics. Also if you can avoid hitting Dooku with Kanan or Ezra, the exception being if Dooku is low and you think Flourish, or Watch and Learn can finish him off.


Wave 4 Strategy

So by now you have cruised through thinking wow this is easy, well its time to wake up because Sidious is no joke. If your team is low gear you can very easily lose someone with his opening AOE, it does a ton of damage.

If possible a really nice strategy is to land stagger on him ASAP, once this is done you can reset his turn meter giving you time to burn him down. For lower geared teams as well you want to look at who is your absolute weakest person, get backup plan on them ASAP, because the AOE will kill them. Next you want to use Zeb to stack some bonus protection on Hera so she does not die, and if you are using chopper have him taunt because after the AOE the hits do not get much lighter, and his dodge will be nice.

One nice thing about this wave though is the very high protection, meaning once you get through that Sid will die very quickly.

You can also get significant use out of Kanan here, his offense down on basic does a ton to blunt the attacks from Sid, BUT…. Being a Jedi Sid may dodge this basic attack. Before I had my Phoenix maxed out landing that offense down was often the difference between clearing this wave or losing someone, so it can be a little frustrating and RNG based.


Wave 5 Strategy

You want to kill Vader here before he can start kitting you with a ton of DoT’s, and you want to kill Death Trooper, but overall nothing in this wave should pose a challenge, this is your chance to recover health and protection and reset cooldowns.

If you made it past Sid without losing anyone you will coast till Wave 8.


Wave 6 Strategy

Another easy wave here, just pick away at the enemies and get your recovery in, Phasma and First order Officer are the prime targets.

Also apologies here I was fighting a bit of a cold and never realized the mic was picking that up.


Wave 7 Strategy

Again nothing too difficult, if you can take out Kylo Ren before he gets retribution up that makes things a bit easier, as well taking down the First Order Tie Pilots is nice since they can hit hard.

The most important thing in this wave is to try to end with your cooldowns available, and Hera and a tank with high turn meter.


Wave 8 Strategy

This wave is all about the first turn, you need to get a taunt up and backup plan on the taunter because Nihilus will use his annihilate on the very first turn. If you can manage to go before him then you wont lose anyone.

Once you endure the first attack your focus should be on taking out sith assassin and then trooper this will leave you free to concentrate on Nihilus. Again like with Sid stagger is a great tool, used properly you can prevent a bunch of turns from happening.

Also like Sid his health is very low so once you get through the protection he melts very fast.

Hopefully this guide provides some help to you in clearing this mission. As a final note if you don’t have the gear try stacking mods with flat protection on your weakest toons, this will get you a lot more durability and healing from Zeb. The biggest threats in this event are the opening aoe from Sidious, and the opening annihilate from Nihilus.

Good luck to everyone.

This is Sparrow signing out.


By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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