SWGoH: June’s Calendar of Events Announced


Memorial Day weekend is in full swing and the premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story seems to be a success while getting some very good reviews. While Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was busy with a major game update this past week, SWGoH GameChanger Gaming-fans.com was pleased to announce the daily login character for June in SWGoH. Now we are honored to bring the community another exclusive release – the SWGoH events calendar for June.

With Ships being a major focus after the new 3v3 format was released this week, June will feature three Fleet Mastery Events late in the month with the Ship Starter Events scheduled three times throughout the month as well.

Omega Battles will be common during the month with seven Omega Events scheduled between June 4th through the 25th.

Five Assault Battles are planned – Places of Power, Ground War, Secrets & Shadows, Military Might & Forest Moon along with the Ghosts of Dathomir Special Event. In addition, two Heroic Events – Endor Escalation and Defense of Dathomir – are on the schedule early in the month.

While these events are sure to keep Galaxy of Heroes players active throughout the month, the Legendary and Mythic Events are likely to the ones that will raise eyebrows and start the train of speculation. While both the Grandmaster’s Training (Grand Master Yoda) and Daring Droid (R2-D2) events are on the June Calendar, the key nugget of information is the return of the Pieces & Plans event (BB-8) in the middle of the month. Could Rey’s Hero’s Journey be coming soon? All I can say is that those who are farming the characters needed to unlock RJT better be ready as there is always a logical progression of events from our friends at Capital Games.

The entire SWGoH events calendar will be released to the public exclusively here on Gaming-fans.com later tonight with all of the exact dates and details you need to charge forward to master the holotables.

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  1. Woohoo gonna get GM Yoda

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