SWGoH: Understanding Ships & Crew Power in Galaxy of Heroes


With the pending update to ships, there is a chance the following information will become out of date. However, due to the way ships work, I doubt this will be the case. In the unlikely event that it does change, this article will be updated as soon as any changes are understood.

SWGoH ShipsAs with characters, stats are one of the most important parts of winning fleet battles. Unlike characters, ship stats can’t be directly influenced. We can’t choose to add more speed or health, or anything else. What we can do, is increase the crew rating of the pilots, which will increase multiple stats simultaneously by a predetermined amount.

The first and most important thing is that crew rating works the same way as Galactic Power – it’s entirely a numbers game. The stats on your mods don’t matter, which peice of gear you equip doesn’t matter. Every upgrade has a set value. All pieces of gear at a certain gear level will give your ship the same power, regardles of how hard it is to get, what stats it gives, or anything else.

It’s actually very similar to Galactic Power. The only differences are when Zeta abilities are involved, and if the ship belonging to the crew member is under 7*.

The Impact of Mods on Ship Stats

Mods, despite being the most complicated part of ship rating calculations, are relatively straight forward. The level and stars of each equipped mod are used to determine the power increase. Again, the stats don’t matter.

5* Lv1 1
5* Lv2 3
5* Lv3 6
5* Lv4 10
5* Lv5 15
1* Lv15 17
2* Lv15 18
5* Lv6 21
5* Lv7 28
5* Lv8 36
3* Lv15 44
5* Lv9 45
5* Lv10 55
5* Lv11 66
4* Lv15 76
5* Lv12 78
5* Lv13 91
5* Lv14 105
5* Lv15 120

The above table shows the rating gained from equipping a single mod at a selection of star and level combinations.

As you can see, even at lower levels, 5* mods will give the biggest boost. Since stats don’t matter, pilots are a great way to use mods that are not high on speed or mods you leveled before you knew better. Like I said, it’s a numbers game, all you can do is take the biggest rating boost possible.

So, to maximise your ships stats, you want to equip 6 mods that are all 5* and level 15, for a total of 720 power.

The Impact of Gear on Ship Stats

The power gained from equipping a piece of gear depends entirely on the current gear level. The same piece of gear is worth more to a G8 pilot than to a G7 pilot, so it’s easy to prioritize which pilot a piece goes to.

Total at G1 0
Each piece at G1
Total at G2 42
Each piece at G2
Total at G3 174
Each piece at G3
Total at G4 342
Each piece at G4
Total at G5 564
Each piece at G5
Total at G6 828
Each piece at G6
Total at G7 1164
Each piece at G7
Total at G8 1614
Each piece at G8
Total at G9 2100
Each piece at G9
Total at G10 2670
Each piece at G10
Total at G11 3378
Each piece at G11
Total at G12 4170
Each piece at G12

The table above shows what an individual piece adds at each gear level, as well as the power gained from all equipped gear when you reach each gear level. If you’re in between gear levels, just add the rating of each equipped piece with the total gained from the last completed gear level to find the total rating contributed by gear.

As you can see, there is a sharp increase as you continue to gear your pilots. Because of this, it’s worth gearing one toon at a time wherever possible if you’re looking for the biggest boost possible.

The Impact of Ability Levels on Ship Stats

Ability levels are straight forward. Every ability you upgrade, including leader abilities you wouldn’t use otherwise, will increase your crew rating.

Ability Lv1 0
Ability Lv2 28
Ability Lv3 65
Ability Lv4 109
Ability Lv5 184
Ability Lv6 265
Ability Lv7 383
Ability Lv8 (Omega/Zeta) 523

The above table shows the total power gained for each ability at a specific level. As with the other factors involved, the amount you gain grows as your ability levels get higher. One oddity however, is that Omega and Zeta abilities are both level 8, so they are treated the same way, despite being two very different ability levels.

The Impact of Character Level and Rarity on Ship Stats

Level and rarity are part of the natural progression of each character, so there’s not a lot to talk about here.

Lv30 69 1* 200
Lv40 127 2* 300
Lv50 219 3* 450
Lv60 371 4* 675
Lv70 619 5* 1013
Lv80 1022 6* 1773
Lv85 1317 7* 3103

Rarity is definitely a big boost, and something you should actively try to upgrade. Level on the other hand, is a much smaller rating increase, but necessary for mods, ability levels, and gear levels.

Upgrade Multiplier

The final thing needed to calculate crew rating is the ship’s star multiplier. Each star your ship has increases this multiplier, which affects all rating increases from other sources.

1* 1
2* 1.05
3* 1.1
4* 1.15
5* 1.25
6* 1.35
7* 1.5

So, as you increase your crew rating, the ship’s rarity will become much more important. That 720 rating from having 6 mods at 5* and level 15 will actually be 1080 if your ship is 7* – a noticable increase. This is on top of the normal stat boost for increasing rarity, making it extremely beneficial to upgrade your stars.


Crew Power

Ship power is calculated using the old power power calculation, from before Galactic Power was added. Each stat is worth a different amount of power, with the total being the power value shown. Crew power is the difference between the full power value, and the value with the new member removed. Because this is determined by crew rating, and doesn’t influence anything else, it’s not important outside of checking how much difference a crew member makes.


Using Crew Rating

Now you know how to calculate your crew rating, it’s time to look at how it’s used. Each ship has hidden “crew stat contribution” multipliers, which are used to calculate the stat increases. To find these multipliers, you can either check on swgoh.gg or you can reverse the calculation to find it yourself, but rounding will reduce the accuracy. The final calculation is;

Total Crew Rating * Upgrade Multiplier * Crew Stat Contribution = Stat Increase


As you can see, crew rating is very similar to galactic power, and in some circumstances, you can just use the character’s power. Ultimately, any upgrade to a crew member will increase the ship’s stats, but some ways are more efficient than others.

As stated at the start, this information could become outdated when the upcoming rework to ships happens, but it’s more likely that only the stat contribution multipliers will be changed.

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  1. This is fantastic stuff! Is there a tool which provides the actual stats at each piece of gear (somewhat like the ship speed calculator)? For example, I’d love to know the stat difference between Sun Fac at G12 vs each piece of additional G12 added. Then I can do a cost/benefit analysis…

    • PsychoPoet | July 6, 2018 at 11:01 pm |

      Not that I know of, but it’s something you can calculate – the formula is given near the end of this article.

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