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Territory Battles - SWGoH

One thing we know about Territory Battles is that the Galactic Power stat will matter a lot. Deploying characters to a territory will, once certain thresholds are reached, award us stars and/or territory points, getting us closer to top tier rewards.

Galactic Power is the total power of all your characters and ships. In the case of Deployment Missions, it’s the total power of all deployed characters.  Because of this, a common question right now is “what is the most credit efficient way to increase my GP?” I’ve looked for the answer to this question, and believe I’ve come up with he most efficient way to increase power.

Spending Credits for Galactic Power

Upgrade Type Level
Increase Stars to: 3
Level Characters to: 6
Increase Stars to: 4
Level Characters to: 11
Increase Stars to: 7
Level Characters to: 50
Level Tier 5 Mods to: 11
Level Characters to: 57
Level Tier 5 Mods to: 12
Level Characters to: 65
Level Tier 5 Mods to: 14
Level Characters to: 85
Level Tier 5 Mods to: 15

The above table only shows thresholds, and assumes previously leveled characters are equipped with mods – otherwise they would appear earlier. You should be raising your entire roster to each threshold before continuing, to get the biggest increase from the credits you spend. If you have a lot of time to spare, raising your entire roster one level at a time will further increase the efficiency, but only marginally.


Gear, Ability, and Shard Priorities

Territory Battles - SWGoHGear and abilities levels were purposefully omitted from the table because they require extra materials, making a comparison difficult. However, I suggest following a priority order, based on characters that are most important for Territory Battles.

Characters Needed for Special Missions or are specifically required for combat missions should be first:

  • Commander Luke Skywalker
  • Captain Han Solo (when released)
  • Rebel Officer Leia Organa (when released)
  • Hoth Rebel Soldier
  • Hoth Rebel Scout

Following that, characters that meet multiple requirements:

  • Rebel Crew Members
  • Rogue One Rebels
  • Pheonix Rebels

The rest have a clearer priority order:

  • Other Rebels
  • Light Side Crew Members
  • Light Side Characters
  • Dark Side Crew Members
  • Dark Side Characters


So is your Guild ready for the launch of Territory Battles? Be sure to check out our tips for success in Territory Battles – Hoth for help on which characters to farm, mod and gear and be sure to keep checking back here at Gaming-fans.com for more!

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