TFEW: Best Power Cores for Blaster & Soundwave

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles about the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game where we take a look at the best Power Cores for each TFEW bot. While our staff will never claim to have all of the answers for TFEW, we do our homework and test out each bot to ensure we are making only the best recommendations.

Blaster and Soundwave are Special Class bots who, like Gnaw, deploy minions to assist their attacks. Their Deploy Minions special reads, “Release 4 minions into battle that have 30% of your Health and a percentage of your Damage.” At high levels, the cassette tape minion bots can be quite effective at soaking up damage and, if you invest enough spark, causing damage to your enemies. Two bots who can easily be underrated, Blaster and Soundwave actually made our Best 5-star bots in Transformers Earth Wars list. So which Power Cores are best to use on Blaster and Soundwave to maximize their effectiveness in TFEW?


Best Power Core for Blaster & Soundwave:

Best Core: Micronus Prime Core – After debating which Power Core options were the best for Blaster and Soundwave I decided to check in with TFEW YouTuber Alpha Prime and get his thoughts. I was reviewing Squad Cores and Prime Cores at the time and he chimed in with the Micronus Prime Core as his preferred core, due to the fact that its healing is to all nearby teammates. Given the minions deployed by Blaster and Soundwave tend to be nearby the bot this means that while these minions are off soaking up damage and wreaking havoc, they are also healing while doing so. Since the minions do “have 30% of your Health and a percentage of your Damage” any investment into additional health or attack damage is wise, so the Special Command – Attack and Special Command – Flak Jacket Squad Cores in TFEW are good fits. If none of these are options for your Blaster/Soundwave a simple Attack or Vitality Core will suffice given each enhances a stat that is important to these Special Class bots. If you are fortunate enough to have a G1 Blaster/G1 Soundwave core these are also (obviously) good fits.

Other Power Core Options: Special Command – Attack, Special Command – Flak Jacket, Attack Core, Vitality Core, G1 Blaster/G1 Soundwave


Original post by LastRaven, June 2018
Revised by LJ, Director of Content, April 2020

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