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In Phase 3 we get our first look at Darth Traya, the master manipulator, and her triple attack of purple lightsabers suspended in the air via the force. Success in this phase requires a good team composition and some luck as her Isolated debuff and the RNG of where that gets placed can make a huge different in your score.

I tested out a variety of different squads in Phase 3 of the Tier 5 and 6 levels of the Sith Triumvirate Raid early on before my guild was an early victor over the Heroic STR. Thanks to community feedback, my guildmates and my fellow GameChangers here is what I have found:


Squads That Work Well in Phase 3:

Chex Mix – More on this team is listed below for those looking to fight the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, but the Chex Mix team for Phase 3 consists of a Commander Luke Skywalker lead with, Zeta Han Solo, Death Trooper, Chirrut/Rex and JKA/Poggle/Sabine/Pao. The key is aligning the characters’ speeds and turn order and it is a pain in the butt to set up. More below.

Bounty Hunters & Enfys Nest – GameChanger Skelturix brought this team to light immediately upon the release that Aurra Sing is joining SWGoH. Using Aurra Sing as the leader with Boba Fett, Dengar, Embo and Enfys Nest, this team can do 10% of the damage needed to take down Phase 3 – in the Heroic Sith Raid.

Zeta Rey (Jedi Training) lead with zBB-8, zR2-D2, Rey (Scavenger) and Hermit Yoda – Once again, as you will continue to read if you click on each phase’s guide, RJT is the dominant leader in the Sith Triumvirate Raid. This RJT team adds Hermit Yoda in place of Resistance Trooper, but I want to test different combos a bit more to see if a different combination of toons is a better fit.

Sith Raid Phase 3 - SWGoH

General Veers lead with Colonel Starck, Deathtrooper, Snowtrooper and Grand Admiral Thrawn – Once again an IT Thrawn team is one of the best in the Sith Triumvirate Raid. This time, instead of Shoretrooper, we place Snowtrooper into the mix for the AoE that helps knock Traya’s lightsabers down for the “topple” effect. In the Tier 5 version of the STR I am regularly scoring 5-6 million with this team, however my personal best in Tier 6 is 2.9 million leaving me curious to see what the Heroic STR will do to this squad.

Luminara lead with 4 Jawas – What? Luminara with 4 Jawas? Yes, it is legit and can even do 1% or more in the Heroic STR in my testing. Chief Nebit needs to be well-geared and is essential in this team as you have him stand alone. Java Scavenger is also essential, as he has a 50% chance to place a Thermal Detonator on the attacking enemy any time a Jawa ally takes damage. Thus, if Drath Traya is hitting other Jawas that is good – so keeping them alive and getting hit often is key to place the little red bombs over Traya’s head.


Average Squads in Phase 3:

In Phase 2 the word “average” can pertain to any team with around 1 million damage in the Tier 6 STR. I have 5 different teams that can score 1 million or more in the Tier 6 STR, and two more in Tier 5, so now the challenge is figuring out which are best and which of these combinations will benefit the community and my roster more in the future – the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid.

One of the Heroic STR guides floating around labeled CLS, Zolo, Deathtrooper, Sabine and Chirrut as a Phase 3 team, but whenever I see a Imperial Trooper key player like Deathtrooper included in any squad I cringe. My overall feeling, and this can change of course, that the Troopers should stay together as should RJT’s Resistance team. The quest I am on is to give the masses more teams to work with in the non-Heroic tiers of the Sith Triumvirate Raid, not limit them by removing a key piece like Deathtrooper. So my (less effective, but more versatile) version of the CLS team is listed below.

CLS Rebels – I would not say that this team is on-par statistically with the RJT and IT Thrawn teams above, so we’re going to keep it in the “average” category despite being effective in the Tier 5 STR. Commander Luke Skywalker lead with Zeta Han Solo, Sabine Wren, Chirrut Imwe and Wedge Antilles. Wedge is the flex spot here and he is not modded as well as I would have liked for my Tier 5 test of this team, however the 1.439 million (1.27%) score was what I consider to be solid when I tested this out for the first time.

Ewoks in Sith Raid - SWGoHEwoks! – Mothman of DotE has had an infatuation with Ewoks for months now, and Droids before that. As a result, he continues to push the “murder bears” on me and I have to say that I am starting to come around… In his most recent Phase 3 test of the Tier 5 Sith Triumvirate Raid, this Ewok team on the left put up 1.451 million damage with a 5-star Wicket as the main damage dealer. Just think how strong this group would be if Wicket was also 7-stars and Gear 12! Phase 2 is also supposed to be a Ewok-friendly phase although Mothman has not tested that out yet but plans to do so and report in.

Nightsisters & GK – While Nightsister Zombie is preferred on this team, she is a Pay to Play toon whose event splits shard with Nightsister Spirit and thus not attainable for many. While I did include Mother Talzin in this lineup, I would be interested to see if replacements can still be effective. Using a Zeta Asajj Ventress lead, Mother Talzin, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka and General Kenobi in a Tier 5 Sith Raid I was able to score 1.456 million (1.28%) which outpaces a previous combination using a Zeta Mother Talzin lead with the same teammates (1.036m).

SWGoH Sith Raid Phase 3zVader Sith – Tested out because Zeta Maul was such a dissapointment, I knew the Sith squad needed more offense so Vader’s lead was my first thought even though Nihilus is certainly worth a look. Using a Zeta Darth Vader lead with Emperor Palpatine, Darth Nihilus Savage Opress and Darth Sion, the offense was indeed better than the Zeta Maul team as I was able to knock off about 1% of Phase 3. While the elder four were 7-stars and Gear 12, Darth Sion was 5-stars and Gear 11, so this does not seem likely to scale dramatically.


Squads That Don’t Work in Phase 3:

In terms of squads that do not work well in Phase 3, I was surprised to see how ineffective Zeta Darth Maul teams performed for me early on and will test them out a bit more to see if that was my own inexperience or if they simply do not work here.

Zeta Maul Sith – This was a disappointment early on and further testing shows much of the same. While the topples of Darth Traya are not difficult on the Tier 5 level, the damage output just is not on par with the teams above. As a result I tested out a Zeta Darth Vader lead and it was good enough to post as “average” above.


Heroic STR Notes for Phase 3:

The Heroic STR charts and guides floating around the community began by focusing on KRU First Order teams and Asajj Ventress Nightsister teams. However, that quickly evolved into the Chex Mix team. Who came up with it first? Nuking Heroic STR Chex MixOnly the man upstairs knows as apparently in a world of 100 people making videos about the same thing, that is a cause for drama. All we know is Nukin gave credit to those he felt deserved it and we know Nukin is a class act, so we’ve added a link to his Chex Mix video on it for reference.

The Chex Mix team is a CLS lead with, Zeta Han Solo, Death Trooper, Chirrut/Rex and JKA/Poggle/Sabine/Pao. Personally, the whole “do BIG damage in minutes” is inaccurate as the setup is key for this team. Think Chirpatine in HAAT (for you old-school players, lol) only 10x more difficult. I tested with CLS lead with, Zeta Han Solo, Death Trooper, Chirrut and then started with Anakin, then tried a Gear 7 Pao, then Poggle. Using Poggle was the key for me as I finally got the right setup and scored 1.417 million on my first Heroic STR, but only after 40-50 tries. Yeah, that is right. 40-50 attempts. #SWGOHdork

For a closer look into the mechanics of the most effective Chex Mix team for the Sith Triumvirate Raid in Phase 3, check out the article on

Another option came from GameChanger Skelturix when brought this team to light immediately upon the release that Aurra Sing is joining SWGoH. Using Aurra Sing as the leader with Boba Fett, Dengar, Embo and Enfys Nest, this team can do 10% of the damage needed to take down Phase 3. For a deep dive into the mechanics of the Aurra Sing Bounty Hunter team for Phase 3 of the HSTR, check out the breakdown written by Skelturix for and accompanying video.


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Some Heroic tips & content thanks to documents made public by Ep0cH73 of The Republic and by Anex and The ALLiΔNCE of ØRØ. Thanks also to SWGoH GameChanger Nukin and DotE Officer DiegoG.


Last Update: 08.21.18