SWGoH: Mods 2.0 Updates to “Best Mods” Section Underway

SWGoH - Mod Slicing

For well over a year now, the Best Mods section of Gaming-fans.com has been a popular source of information for those who play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. SWGoH - Mod SlicingWhile we work to periodically review each and every one of these articles to ensure accuracy and that they remain current, the review of all characters is underway currently.

One notable difference you will find in the updated articles is the addition of the “In-game Mod Recommendations” to help players see what the game itself recommends and compare that to our recommendations. In most cases I am sure we will agree with those recommendations, but in some cases we will surely differ in our thoughts on how to most effectively mod a specific SWGoH toon. To find those articles which have been updated check out the Mods 2.0 tag added to the site for this specific purpose.

I hope you enjoy the updates to the Best Mods section and that they help you further your play in Galaxy of Heroes.


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