SWGoH: Legend of the Old Republic Ancient Journey (Revan) Live Blog

SWGoH Jedi Knight Revan

Welcome to the Legend of the Old Republic Ancient Journey Live Blog from Gaming-fans.com. Below, we will live blog the experiences of our Content Director, LJ, as he battles his way through the Revan event, the Ancient Journey called the Legend of the Old Republic. Just like in the Chewbacca event live blog, the goal of this is to help players better understand the requirements of each Tier of the event as they work toward unlocking Jedi Knight Revan. Feel free to follow along and refresh this page often on Thursday, October 18th, as LJ looks to add Revan to his personal (whale) account. Feel free to add your comments below or Tweet them to @GamingFansDFN on your experiences in this SWGoH event as well.


Legend of the Old Republic – Attempt #1

First off, all of this will take place on my personal account, not the GameChangers account for reference. I have been hoarding gear in anticipation of needing higher gear levels on the KOTOR characters, but I am hoping that Bastila and T3-M4 can lead me to victory without needing to use much of the gear (or the Zetas and Omegas I have ready) so that I can use it on Revan himself or elsewhere. I will try to detail everything below including mods as we at Gaming-fans.com are happy to assist if you need help modding SWGoH characters, however I do not have ideal mods on each of these characters myself given I do not use three of them in any other area of the game. In addition to saving up all gear, I have also saved mod slicing materials and have better mods in reserve if needed to ensure that this event is a success in the end. All five characters are 7-stars and level 85 at the time of the event.


  • Bastila Shan (Leader) – GP 20,028 – Gear 11 w/4 pieces – 4 Offense & 2 Health mods, all with 5-dots (2 green, 1 blue, 1 purple and 2 gold) – Speed 201, Health 32,108, CD 186% – Zeta on Leader ability, all abilities maxed
  • T3-M4 – GP 16,416 – Gear 11 w/0 pieces – 2 Potency, 2 CC & 2 Health mods with 5-dots (3 green, 2 blue, 1 purple) – Speed 194, CC 38.32%, CD 150%, Potency 83% – all abilities maxed except for the two with Zetas – no Zetas on T3
  • Jolee Bindo – GP 13,183 – Gear 8 w/0 pieces – 4 Health mods & 2 Tenacity mods with 5-dots (1 gray, 1 green, 3 blue, 1 purple) – Speed 169, Health 23,451, Tenacity 45.44% – all abilities at level 7
  • Mission Vao – GP 12,700 – Gear 8 w/0 pieces – 4 Offense & 2 Health mods, all with 5-dots (1 gray, 1 green, 2 blue, 1 purple, 1 gold) – Speed 180, CC 37.01%, CD 186% – all abilities at level 7
  • Zaalbar – GP 12,456 – Gear 7 w/3 pieces – 4 Defense & 2 Health mods, all with 5-dots (1 gray, 2 blue, 3 gold) – Speed 156, Health 22,594, CC 41.61%, CD 150% – all abilities at level 7


Oct. 18 @ 6:57 am ET

Tier I – We start off using Mission, Zaalbar and Revan in the first battle facing off with a Rancor. The battle lasted longer than expected given my lower gear levels for Mission and Big Z, but the win was never in doubt. The rewards were all Rancor Raid rewards so that was a nice touch!

Oct. 18 @ 7:01 am ET

Tier II – Bastila joins the group to accompany Mission Vao, Zaalbar and Revan in this battle which is 4 waves of enemies. I found the AoE attacks of Revan and Zaalbar to be effective in speeding this tier up. Overall this tier was even easier than the first and the rewards were once again very good.

Oct. 18 @ 7:06 am ET

Tier III – Joining Bastila, Mission Vao and Zaalbar from my roster and Jedi Knight Revan (Event Unit) is T3-M4 for Tier III which has 3 waves of enemies. First we face Sith Soldiers, then Sith Commandos before finally fighting against a Sith Marauder and a Sith Assassin along with a Soldier and two Commandos in the 3rd wave. One note, the Sith Commando must have a crazy unique that grants them 50% evasion when in Stealth because I missed them at least half the time when attacking. Another easy win with purple ability and ship materials as the rewards along with 55 more Revan shards.

Oct. 18 @ 7:13 am ET

Tier IV – After filling my cup of coffee I am back for Tier IV where Jolee Bindo has finally joined the group to fill it out. I am now in the tiers where Bastila and T3 need to do the heavy lifting because of my poor gear levels. Another three waves of enemies starting with Tusken Raiders in the first two battles then a mix of Tusken enemies, which included a Tusken Champion, in the 3rd battle. Still no difficulty with my team, but Zaalbar’s Taunt will get him killed eventually since he is weak on my roster. The reward for beating Tier IV was 10 Omegas and 10 Ship Omegas alongside the 55 Revan shards.

Oct. 18 @ 7:19 am ET

Tier V – Tier V is supposed to have Gear 8 characters, so this may be where I start feeling the challenge of my lower gear levels. The gang of 6 is back this time to face four waves of enemies beginning with Sith Soldiers and Commandos with pre-loaded Turn Meter.

These waves of enemies are much harder to face as Zaalbar’s Taunt has him flirting with death. T3’s ability to dispel defensive buffs is great against these enemies which are rather tricky, especially with the highly geared Sith Solider who is a nice tank. In the 4th wave I finally lost Zaalbar but beat the enemies with relative ease. The Sith Spirit statue hologram thing thanks you and your reward is 5 Zeta Materials and 55 more shards.

Oct. 18 @ 7:30 am ET

Tier VI – Before I start, this even has been fun with some nice rewards. I will likely struggle with this tier and have to bring in the big mods, but for a moment I am just enjoying the game. This is a game, right? We all get so caught up in CG did this or didn’t do that all the time. At the end of the day this is a game and it’s made to enjoy competitively. I just hope you are enjoying it as much as I am today.

On to the fighting, the 6 are back to face a… Terentatek. Wow, it’s like a pointy-headed Rancor and it is supposed to be Force-sensitive. This thing is cool looking and I am assuming it will tear me up…

First off, my hits on the Terentatek were hitting for like 10% of the normal impact before a locked debuff over it’s head called Open Wound appeared which reduces Defense and Tenacity. Now the hits are impressive, but barely chipping away at it’s massive Health. After a couple of rounds of hits the Levl 90 Boss Terentatek gained a blue buff called Hardened Carapace with “massively increased defense until critically hit 3 times.” I then Marked him with Revan and removed the Hardened Carapace immediately. Using the tandem of Revan and Bastila is proving to work well in this battle as the two continue to assist each other and gain buffs to improve my chances while Jolee and T3 dispel debuffs and Jolee heals. Surprisingly, I defeated the Terentatek without losing any of my toons or adjusting any mods to gain the final 55 shards and 15 Mk 2 Pulse Modulator slicing mats.

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