SWGoH: First Order & Traya Phase 1 HSTR Guide & Walkthrough

Sith Raid

Special thanks to IvanConQuer from the SWGoH Reddit for the following information and video on this First Order & Traya team that works well in Phase 1 of the Heroic Sith Raid. Note FOE and FOX (First Order Executioner) are the same character but referenced on this site by different writers as they prefer.

HSTR - FO & TrayaThe Team: Roles and uses

  • KRU: (Leadership Zeta, G11-12, Multi-tool recommended)
    Leadership ability, Tenacity down, Tanking damage, Advantage to random ally when damaged, Control for the side Minions.
  • Kylo: (G11-12)
    Large amount of turn meter gain for your whole team.
  • FOO: (G12, MedPac & Multi-tool required)
    Single Target turn meter/Advantage/offense up for FOX, turn meter gain/Cooldown reduction for the whole team
  • Traya: (G11-12, MedPac recommended)
    Traya is critical to the team because of Isolate. Isolate is important to the team for two reasons.
    Attacking an isolated raid boss grants Critical Damage up (boosting FOX damage) and Health steal up. This improves survivability for the entire team.
    Isolate applies a permanent debuff to Nihilus, which allows FOX to get benefits from attacking a debuffed target more consistently. FOX will get advantage from attacking the debuffed enemy, which will grant him extra health and damage along with turn meter from Kylo’s AOE.
  • FOX: (G12 with all pieces recommended)
    Utilize his stacking damage by getting him as many turns as possible ideally with advantage to make sure you crit

The Mods:

Mod Sets: Critical Damage & Health
Circle: Health
Arrow: Health
Triangle: Critical Damage
Cross: Health
Secondaries: A mix of Health and Speed

The Specific mods on the rest of the team don’t matter that much, just put your fastest mods on them in the following order (my speeds) FOO(+155)>Kylo(+141)>KRU(+131)>Traya(+126) Keep in mind though that since its P1 Health mods tend to be better than Protection.

Tenacity crosses on Traya and KRU seem to help quite a bit as well.

Basic game play tips:

  • Try to use only FOX’s abilities and Kylo’s AOE on Nihilus to keep his stacking speed low.
  • Try and use FOO’s marching orders only on FOX.
  • Make sure KRU starts with Unbreakable Will (highest combined Health & Protection) and use it on him first. Ideally you would get lucky and have him get another one before the second Annihilate, but if you can’t get a second UW on KRU, Traya is the next best option. You should be able to keep her alive by attacking Nihilus (gain health steal up), then use Marching orders on her and use her saber throw to get a huge chunk of health back.
  • You want to use and exploit the side minions to their full extent
  • Stun and apply tenacity down (KRU basic) to allow FOO to remove Turn Meter and give it to the rest of the team.
    You want Assassin and Marauder to stay alive and take hits (mostly the TM reduction from FOO) as long as possible so you don’t have to stack unnecessary speed on Nihilus. Make sure to kill them before Nihilus calls them again though, to ensure you always have a target other than Nihilus.


Phasma Variant (2-3M damage)

Main changes here are, you might want to run a bit more CC on FOX since you wouldn’t have quite as much advantage over all.

Phasma should get a lot of turns since one of her specials gives her and her allies 50% turn meter and advantage, allowing her AOE to crit 3 times for 60% turn meter.


First Order & Traya Video

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