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Phase 1 jumps out and smacks you in the face as Darth Nihilus kicks off the Sith Triumvirate Raid with constantly regenerating Protection and an erratic Annihilate attack that gives gray hairs to those on the other end. If I only had a nickel for each time I hit the little gear in the top left of my screen and pressed Retreat…

You can get a feel for what works and what does not rather early in Phase 1. If you cannot break through Nihilus’ protection rather quickly you’re not going to have a lot of success. Understanding the Lord of Hunger ability that Darth Nihilus has is also very important. Strategic and timely use of the Unbreakable Will phase ability is key to avoid getting knocked out fast. I have tested teams out in Phase 1 of the Tier 5, 6 and 7 levels of the Sith Triumvirate Raid extensively, and together with my Guildmates, community feedback and my fellow GameChangers here is what I have found:


Squads That Work Well in Phase 1:

Zeta Rey (Jedi Training) lead with zBB-8, zR2-D2, Rey (Scavenger) and Resistance Trooper – In Tiers 5 and 6 a healer is not needed, so this team will, if geared, well-modded and with Zetas, be highly effective. RJT in Sith Raid - SWGoHMy final Tier 5 run score of 7.983 million was a nearly perfect run and a personal best, so as we head back to Tier 6 and prepare for the Heroic STR, I am interested to see how this team performs and if a healer is needed. In one Heroic test I was able to do 1.5 million (3.27%) without a healer, but trading out R2-D2 for Visas Marr or Barriss Offee would have likely been better.

zVader, zThrawn, DT, Visas, Shore – For those who have invested into Visas Marr for the STR but, for some reason, do not have a complete Imperial Trooper squad, this is one team that works well. The only downside is the availability – if you have both a 7-star Visas Marr and Grand Admiral Thrawn, it seems unlikely that you would not have a fully-developed team of Imperial Troopers. With all at Gear 11/12 this team can do 2-3 million or more in Tiers 5 and 6 of the STR.

Imperial Troopers & Thrawn – This team – Veers lead, Death Trooper, Colonel Starck, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Shoretrooper – works when looking for scores above 1 million in Tier 5 and around that range in Tier 6, but it is just a much better combo of characters for other phases of the Sith Raid. One recent test by ChrisB, leader of EotE, saw him hit 2 million damage in the Tier 5 STR with Veers lead, Death Trooper, Colonel Starck, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luminary Unduli.


Average Squads in Phase 1:

SWGoH Sith Raid - DroidsDroids & Jawa Engineer – For those who do not have Rey (Jedi Training) but do have BB-8 and are looking for a team to put the soccer ball on, consider Mothman’s latest Tier 5 STR test. HK-47 lead with IG-86, R2-D2, BB-8 and Jawa Engineer which seems like it has the potential to graduate into the “effective” category based on the lower gear in the screenshot to the right.

Nightsisters – Zeta Asajj Ventress lead – I have hit 1 million in damage in the Tier 6 STR with a Zeta Talzin lead in the past (zMother Talzin, Asajj Ventress, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka & Zeta Kylo Ren), but this is another team that does not translate well to the Heroic version of the raid. What was “effective” at the Heroic level was a Zeta Asajj Ventress lead with Mother Talzin, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka and Nightsister Zombie. With this team I was able to get nearly 1% of Phase 1 Heroic (0.95%, 428k), and a similar squad with Zeta Asajj Ventress lead, Mother Talzin, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka and Talia recently scored 1.6 million at Tier 5.

Jedi – Qui-Gon Jinn lead – I used a QGJ lead for the speed boost with Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger and Hermit Yoda and this team worked moderately well on a Tier 5 STR scoring 773k (0.72%), but I have not had a chance to test it on Tier 6 or 7 to date. I can see where Barriss Offee can replace Hermit Yoda and Aayla Secura could also replace one of the others.

Wiggs Rebels – A Rebel team of Wedge Antilles lead with Biggs Darklighter, Han Solo, Commander Luke Skywalker and Chirrut Imwe is one I have tested in various combinations. In the Tier 5, with good but not great mod stats for Wiggs, can do 1-1.5 million damage in the Tier 5 STR.

First Order – KRU lead – The First Order is a faction that has gotten a little bit of attention with the Sith Triumvirate Raid, and a Kylo Ren Unmasked lead with FO Tie Pilot, FO Officer, FO Executioner and Hermit Yoda scored 306k (0.66%) in the Heroic STR. While I could not duplicate this squad on my personal account, trading zKylo Ren for FOE I was able to do 780k (0.74%) in Tier 5, but FOE is a key piece to the team above.


Squads That Don’t Work in Phase 1:

Sith teams do not seem to perform well against Nihilus. It may be that I have not tested that perfect team, so if you think you have found them let me know, but Zeta Maul led teams as well as Palpatine and Nihilus leads all have been quite disappointing. The one time I had some mild success was a Tier 6 STR with a Nihilus lead and Emperor Palpatine, Sith Trooper, Darth Maul and Savage Opress, but taking a similar team into the Heroic STR I found it to be so ineffective that I didn’t even finish the battle and instead tested other combinations.

Phoenix teams are not really cut out for Phase 1 either. The Phoenix Squadron makeup is basic attack heavy and counter heavy which can result in some ugly scores despite a lot of hits on Nihilus. Basically any team that relies on counter attacks and basic attacks is going to struggle due to the mechanics of facing Darth Nihilus and his protection.


Heroic STR Notes for Phase 1:

The strategy by the guilds fighting Heroic began by putting in the Zeta Rey (Jedi Training) lead with zBB-8, Rey (Scavenger), Resistance Trooper and Barriss Offee/Visas Marr/R2-D2 team and shoot for 3-5%. Smithie D SWGoH - Heroic STRHowever that quickly evolved into an all-Resistance team with R2-D2 in that 5th spot for over 90% of those fighting Heroic. In my Guild’s first HSTR I used the standard Resistance 5 (with R2) and hit 6.7% which is 3.141 million. Given you cannot use characters more than once in the Heroic version the goal is to beat Phase 1 with about 20-25 players fighting (all hitting 4-5%) to advance the raid to Phase 2, and we were able to do so on 26 attacks at first, now we do so in fewer than 20 total attacks. However, for those looking to fight the Heroic STR you MUST be sure to be efficient here and use as few teams as possible, especially when you are new to the Heroic STR.

For more details on the strategy behind the RJT Resistance team for Phase 1 check out A Closer Look at RJT’s Resistance team for Phase 1 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid here at

SWGoH - Skelturix RJT HSTR

A couple of key points for the team above – having a double Zeta BB-8 is very valuable as is having Resistance Trooper at Gear 12 with the Mk 12 ArmaTek Multi-tool. That piece of gear gives RT +250 Health, but more importantly it grants +5% Health Steal which is key to his survivability in Phase 1 against Darth Nihilus. Gear 11 is a must on the Resistance toons and Gear 12 is highly recommended for all 5 of them, especially if you want to pull the big scores.

For more gameplay strategy on the Heroic STR and phase 1 with your RJT Resistance team be sure to check out Smithie D’s video by clicking the black graphic above and check out the latest on RJT in Phase 1 from GameChanger Skelturix in the graphic linked on the left.

June 2018 Update: With the rework of Grand Master Yoda, the Resistance and RJT have some Phase 1 competition. SWGoH - Phase 1 HSTR w/ YodaThe team of zzGrand Master Yoda (lead), zEzra Bridger, Qui-Gon Jinn, zHermit Yoda and zVisas Marr can put up as much at 6 million in the Heroic STR – see the video from Skelturix linked on the right for the setup, mods and what you need to make it happen. While Barriss Offee can replace Visas Marr, it will hurt you on the scoreboard. Jedi Knight Anakin or Aayla Secura can replace QGJ, but note that specific mods are needed and super high Speed is needed on all of these toons, so look to Skelturix for assistance in setting your team up.


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Some Heroic tips & content thanks to documents made public by Ep0cH73 of The Republic and by Anex and The ALLiΔNCE of ØRØ.


Last Update: 06.28.18