SWGoH: Dear CG, Leave the TIE Echelon Alone

First Order TIE Echelon
After reading Capital Games’ announcement regarding the TIE Echelon/First Order countering their prized fleet, I could hear it-as if millions of voices cried out in terror.
CG has a history with backtracking after releasing new content, upon discovery by the general populace that it has some hidden value. Today, with this particular instance, the question should be asked: why?
Currently, the Fleet meta (which, let’s be frank, needs to have Grand Arena included here) boils down to one of three options:
  1. You have a 7-star Executor, with maxed out Bounty Hunter Pilots and a relic 9 Admiral Piett
  2. You have an in with your Fleet shard, and despite not having the aforementioned ships can still place with some heavy help
  3. You have neither 1 or 2, have to settle with being noncompetitive, and hoping you don’t encounter Executor in Grand Arena
Fleets have consistently been the less-loved child of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, despite CG’s numerous attempts to keep players invested in the second half of the game. Especially now, since Squad Arena crystal income went into your GAC results, and Executor reigns supreme, with a whopping 84% belonging to the Fleet. This comes as a sharp contrast to squads, where the rock-paper-scissors aspect of the game for characters. So where does this leave us? Personally, as someone that saw enormous potential for the Echelon (and threw crystals at it like there was no tomorrow), I hope CG sees this opportunity for what it is – a means to bring balance to the Fleet.
Whenever new in-game content gets released, content creators consistently go through the motions of testing it against the top dog. We saw this only too recently with the Resistance’s new tank, the MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 (wow, that’s a mouthful). Players have been suspicious that much of the content released is not thoroughly playtested, and announcements like the one regarding the TIE Echelon only further cement such thoughts. Phrases along the lines of “unintended interaction,” “potential changes,” “may require some balances,” and others are the reason many low-capital players wait until the dust has settled, showing a mistrust of the original product. In the writing world, we would call that a rough draft; that prompts a few read-throughs, edits, and reviews before the final product is released. Overwhelmingly, CG has skipped this critical process, in (what one would hope to be) a mad rush to get new content out to their player base. There has, however, been rare exception to this  -and the most memorable comes from another member of the First Order – General Hux.
Upon release, it was found that General Hux could be taken to gear 12-while only at 3 stars. After review, Crumb released a statement, stating that no changes would be needed, unless they found, “bugs, infinite loops, unhealthy gameplay, etc.” Well, it may be time to realize that your judge, jury and Executor have been leading to infinite loops (where players cannot compete with this overpowering content), and clearly unhealthy gameplay – until now.
Considering the significant investment involved – having the First Order fleet at the power level requirements is the bare minimum to unlock one of six Galactic Legends in the game, as well as having either enough crystals or enough of a credit line to bring the TIE Echelon to adequate power levels – from a veteran player’s perspective: leave the TIE Echelon alone. It brings a sense of balance to a long-neglected area of the game, one that clearly and presently shows a lack thereof. Many who have spent their time, and money, bringing what was a relatively non-relevant Fleet to the forefront, and making a dull or monotonous area of the game exciting again, have done the playtesting and found the ship to be working as they intended – and invested. Respect that, Capital Games. Respect the players. Respect the balance that needs to be restored.
By CommanDollar
Gaming-fans.com Guest Writer
Photo credit: EA Capital Games

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