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HPWU - Formidable PixiesHarry Potter: Wizards Unite features a variety of challenges and tasks to help keep players grinding and motivated to see what is next. In my family, where myself, my wife and our son all play regularly, we each look to complete the different Assignments as quickly as possible, as seen in the Fantastic Flora & Fauna event. One assignment that we have found to be a bit more of a chore is the SOS Assignment called Dynamic Dilemma that reads “Defeat 10 Formidable Pixie Foes in Wizarding Challenges.” As a result, we decided to test out some different theories to see if we could solve the puzzle of finding Formidable Pixies in our HPWU questions answered series.

Let me set the stage first with the fact between the three of us, we cover each of the three Professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This may be important given the fact that one article we read prior to fighting was that a Professor is more likely to attract Formidable Pixie Foes. Another thought is that the type of Runestone used impacts the enemies you face, but the common thinking is that this is not true. That having been said you will see below that this may, or may not, have impacted our results, at least for tonight.

HPWU - Formidable PixiesIn total tonight, my family fought 8 Fortress battles tonight using a variety of Level 1 and 2 Runestones. In those 8 battles we faced Formidable Pixies in 5 different battles with a total of 6 Formidable Pixie foes appearing. As stated above, while the Runestone type is commonly thought to not impact the foes you fight in a Fortress, we did find that in 4 of the 5 battles where we faced Formidable Pixies, and Oddities Runestone was used by one of the three of us playing HPWU.

My intention is to add to this article as more data is gathered. Players eager to share information and add to this may also Tweet their findings on this topic to @GamingFansDFN and we will try to include it as well in the raw data below.

UPDATE – 07.11.19 – Today we had some awesome success finding Formidable Pixies during the day. Fighting in Ruins Chambers 4 with two Professors (theorizing that the enemies in the Fortresses are influenced by the professions of those fighting the Fortress), we faced 7 Formidable Pixies in 8 battles.


Fortress Battle Data

07.07.19 – Ruins Chamber 3 – 4 Formidable Pixies in 3 Fortress battles (all after 7 pm ET)

07.07.19 – Ruins Chamber 4 – 2 Formidable Pixies in 3 Fortress battles (all after 7 pm ET)

07.09.19 – Ruins Chambers 3, 4 & 5 – 0 Formidable Pixies in 6 Fortress battles (mid-day)

07.09.19 – Ruins Chambers 3 – 3 Formidable Pixies in 5 Fortress battles (all after 8 pm ET)

07.09.19 – Ruins Chambers 4 – 0 Formidable Pixies in 3 Fortress battles (all after 8 pm ET)

07.10.19 – Ruins Chambers 3 – 1 Formidable Pixies in 3 Fortress battles (all before 7 am ET)

07.10.19 – Ruins Chambers 4 – 0 Formidable Pixies in 1 Fortress battle (all before 7 am ET)

07.10.19 – Ruins Chambers 3 – 0 Formidable Pixies in 2 Fortress battles (all after 7 am ET)

07.10.19 – I found 1 more Formidable Pixie tonight in 6 Fortress battles. All battles were after 8 pm ET and the Pixie was found with two Professors & an Auror in a Level 3 Fortress battle.

07.11.19 – Ruins Chambers 4 – 7 Formidable Pixies in 8 Fortress battles (mid-day, using 2 Professors and a Auror in each battle)


TL;DR – Formidable Pixies seem to be more common during the Dawn and Dusk hours than they are the rest of the day. In addition, your profession appears to have a heavy influence on the type of enemies you face in the Fortresses, and the higher Runestones make the enemies harder. My suggestion is to fight Ruins Chamber 3 and 4 using Level 1 or 2 Runestones with as many Professors as possible in your group.


For more about finding Formidable Pixies in HPWU click here for MustafarNathan’s YouTube breakdown, and after you find your Pixies, your next tricky find will be Doxy Droppings in SOS Assignment #14, and after that finding Formidable Death Eaters will be your big challenge.

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