HPWU: Finding Formidable Death Eater Foes in Fortresses

HPWU - Formidable Death Eater

HPWU - SOS Assignment 15 - 3 TeammatesHarry Potter: Wizards Unite features a variety of challenges and tasks to help keep players grinding and motivated to see what is next. In my family, where myself, my wife and our son all play regularly, we each look to complete the different Assignments as quickly as possible, as seen in the Potter’s Calamity Special Assignment event. One assignment that we have found to be a bit more of a chore is the SOS Assignment called Witches and Wizards United that reads “Defeat 10 Formidable Death Eater Foes in Wizarding Challenges.” As a result, we decided to test out some different theories to see if we could solve the puzzle of finding Formidable Death Eaters in our HPWU questions answered series.

Let me set the stage first with the fact between the three of us, we cover each of the three Professions in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. While some may argue, I feel strongly about the fact that the professions of the Wizards and Witches who enter a Fortress/Wizarding Challenge battle strongly impacts the enemies that you face in that Fortress, as seen in our finding Formidable Pixies article. Thus, with my wife being an Auror, having her in the battles is key. Another thought is that the type of Runestone used impacts the type of enemies you face, but the common thinking is that this is not true. It seems that they impact the difficulty of the enemies and not the actual types. One final item on this. I do not believe time of day is highly impactful for this SOS Assignment as it seems we are seeing Formidable Death Eaters at all times of day and night in the Fortress battles we have fought.

My intention is to add to this article as more data is gathered. Players eager to share information and add to this may also Tweet their findings on this topic to @GamingFansDFN and we will try to include it as well in the raw data below.


Fortress Battle Data

Ruins Chamber 5 – 2 Formidable Death Eaters in 4 Fortress battle using a mix of Level 1-3 Runestones

Tower Chamber 1 – 3 Formidable Death Eaters in 8 Fortress battles using Level 1 Runestones

Tower Chamber 2 – 5 Formidable Death Eaters in 15 Fortress battles using Level 1 Runestones

Tower Chamber 3 – 1 Formidable Death Eaters in 3 Fortress battles using Level 1 Runestones

Forest Chamber 1 – 3 Formidable Death Eaters in 2 Fortress battles using Level 1 Runestones


TL;DR – Formidable Death Eaters seem to be tied to Profession as we always had a Auror in each battle. The higher Runestones make the enemies harder, so the higher the Tower Chamber, the lower the Runestone used seems to help. My suggestion is to fight Ruins Chamber 5 using Level 1 or 2 Runestones or Tower Chambers 1-3 using Level 1 Runestones with as many Aurors as possible in your group.



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