HPWU: Finding Doxy Droppings for the SOS Assignment

HPWU - Doxy Droppings

HPWU - SOS Assignment - Doxy DroppingsHarry Potter: Wizards Unite is full of new challenges and tasks to help keep players grinding and motivated to see what is next. As I have stated before, in my family I, my wife and our son all play regularly, and we each look to complete the different Assignments as quickly as possible, as seen in the Fantastic Flora & Fauna event. The latest SOS Assignment challenge (SOS Assignment #14) that my wife came across (she is farther on SOS Assignments than I) reads “Recover 5 Doxy Droppings from Doxy Oddities.” As a result, we decided to test out some theories/rumors to see if we could solve the puzzle of finding Doxy Droppings in our HPWU questions answered series.

Let me start with the fact that this video from PelicanTacos was a huge help. He was the one who suggested getting up early to catch Doxies and he was spot on. We set out to find Doxies and the resulting Doxy Droppings at 6:02 am as the game stated that it was “Dawn” from 5:30 when I first logged in for the day until 7 am ET. Thus, the 5-7 am time period appears to be the “dawn” hours in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. A quick look at all of this can be found in the Finding Doxy Droppings video from MustafarNathan for Gaming Fans.

Finding each individual Doxy was not a real challenge. The light purple Oddities circles contained Doxies, Centaurs and Erklings, and the Doxies were pretty common in normal spawn areas like near Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses. Because we live in a rural area we drove to a small town near the highway, stopping in another small town on the way. The challenge of finding 5 Doxy Oddities was not a difficult one in the hour and ten minutes that we played as we found five within about 30 minutes. I will note that going back to a location near a Fortress where we caught a Doxy after several minutes has passed did not work, so going to unique areas where Foundables/Confoundables spawn is key.




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