HPWU: Launch Month Data Breakdown & Look Ahead

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

It has been more than a month since the global launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and the data is in which tells us a lot about the success of the game to date.

The first month’s numbers, according to multiple sources citing Sensor Tower, are reporting $12 million in sales for HPWU. While that may sound like a lot to the average mobile gamer, to put it into perspective, Pokemon Go! scored $300m in its first month. That having been said, Niantic’s CEO sounded prepared for this specifically stating that the Harry Potter fan base is much more balanced than that of other popular titles like Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers and more.

If Niantic was expecting Pokemon Go! style numbers, the company and its investors will be highly disappointed. However, if a solid hit of a game with a highly dedicated and loyal fanbase for long term success and growth, they may be well on their way. Sensor Tower numbers already indicate over 15 million downloads of the game, and while these numbers cannot compare to the anomaly that was Pokemon Go!, these are solid numbers compared to other games in their categories.

From my (PTP) perspective I have personally invested less than $20 total into HPWU, and I honestly do not feel the need to invest significantly to attain the level of satisfaction I want from the game. It progresses nicely and while I have two FTP HPWU players in my household as well, the gap created by my investment is minimal. With tomorrow’s Community Day event and the many special assignment events taking place every other week, fans have plenty to keep the game fresh and entertain the casual and serious player alike, but little need to spend money to enjoy the game. One one hand this is a great sign of long-term stability for the game, but on the other this means revenue will not be as high due to the high number of FTP regulars.

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