HPWU: Finding the Missing Portrait on Moving Staircases II in the Registry

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the completion of Registry pages and the resulting Prestige of the page. This process allows players to collect the Foundables on a page, much like collecting stickers for a sticker book as a child, only this digital version allows the repeated finding of each item again and again. While this may not appeal to all game players of HPWU, it remains an important aspect of the game for those who look to be competitive and attain higher levels of the game.

HPWU 9 3/4 Moving Staircases IIAfter the addition of the Moving Staircases II page to the 9 3/4 section of the Registry on Saturday, players have been wondering what Foundables are needed to complete this new page. For those in attendance at the first Harry Potter Fan Festival this past weekend in Indianapolis, we were given specific tasks in a Special Assignment that answered what four of the five Foundables on the 9 3/4 Moving Staircases II page were – Portraits of Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin. So as the event concluded this weekend, attendees who completed the Special Event assignments should have had a 9 3/4 Moving Staircases II page that looked like the image to the right, with a white, rectangular hole in the middle

But while our staff had to leave Saturday’s Fan Festival earlier than we liked, we were relieved to find that we really did not miss anything of note – the Portrait in the middle in particular. So as always here at Gaming-fans.com, we seek to answer questions in HPWU to help the community better understand the game. While testing a theory many times will not get you the answers you seek quickly, dyga13 applied her smarts in using a Level 5 Hogwarts School Runestone in a Fortress/Wizarding Challenge battle last night and found immediate results. The Fortress was a Forest II.

HPWU - Wild Boar portraitSo what is the 5th and final portrait needed on the 9 3/4 Moving Staircases II registry page in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? It is a Wild Boar portrait. Unlike the portraits of the founders of Hogwarts, however, the Wild Boar will be obtained one fragment at a time (the founders’ fragments were achieved 8 at a time at the event). How challenging it will be to obtain more fragments will be is still unknown, but I have fought two Fortress battles using a Level 4 Hogwarts School Runestone already and MustafarNathan used a Level 3 Hogwarts School Runestone once and neither of us had the success of dyga13.

We will continue to update this page as more information comes available and welcome comments and questions on Twitter @GamingFansDFN.

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