Avatar PR Commander Profile: Maratu

Maratu - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Use Maratu to battle RDA forces. Maratu’s support Troop boosts can protect your Titanotheres in battle.” Maratu is a Rare RDA Nemesis in the Warrior Class for the Na’vi in Avatar: Pandora Rising. Maratu seems to be built to be similar to Vokan – where Vokan is strong against other Na’vi, Maratu is the anti-RDA and when used in that manner, should provide a nice advantage when used against RDA opponents. Note that Maratu has the Swift tag meaning he travels to and from battle sites faster than most.




Class: Warrior
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Swift, RDA Nemesis
Synergies: Archers, Arrow Storm, Hellswarm, Ikran Assault, Puffball Tree, Titanothere
Commander Talents:

  • Vengeance – Travel Speed (+25% to +120%), Sentry Tower level (+2 to +20) versus RDA, all Troops level (+3 to +16) versus RDA
  • Hammerhead – Archers (+3 to +16), Arrow Storm (+3 to +16), Titanothere (+3 to +16)
  • Ironwill – Hellswarm (+3 to +16), Ikran Assault (+3 to +16), Puffball Tree (+3 to +16)

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