Avatar PR Commander Profile: Vokan

Vokan - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Vokan to attack player bases. Vokan can hold off enemies with defensive Buildings to set up Tukru Fighter pushes.” A fearsome warrior, in Avatar: Pandora Rising, Vokan is a Rare Raider and for a time, was the lone Na’vi Commander with the Na’vi Nemesis tag. While that tag currently no longer exists in APR, Vokan is now designed for attacking other player’s bases.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Raider
Synergies: Champion, Hunting Party, Ikran Assault, Puffball Tree, Tukru Fighters, Viperwolf Pack
Commander Talents (current):

  • Raider – All Towers (+3 to +42), all Troops level (+4 to +13) when attacking a Player’s Base, Loot Skill (+2,000 to +520,000) when attacking a Player’s Base
  • Stinger – Tukru Fighters level (+3 to +28), Ikran Assault level (+3 to +28), Hunting Party level (+3 to +28)
  • Berserker – Champion (+3 to +28), Puffball Tree (+3 to +28), Viperwolf Pack (+3 to +28)

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