Avatar PR Commander Profile: Vokan

Vokan - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Vokan to battle Na’vi forces and capture resources from villages. Vokan can hold off enemies with defensive buildings to set up Tukru Fighter pushes.” A fearsom warrior, in Avatar: Pandora Rising, Vokan is a Rare Looter and the lone Na’vi Commander with the Na’vi Nemesis tag at the game’s soft launch. Vokan seems to be built to be similar to Maratu – where Maratu is strong against the RDA, Vokan is the anti-Na’vi and when used in that manner, should provide a huge advantage when used against other Na’vi.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Looter, Na’vi Nemesis
Synergies: Fire Thrower, Hellswarm, Hunting Party, Paradise Needler, Puffball Tree, Tukru Fighters
Commander Talents:

  • Berserker – Loot Steal (+200 to +890,000), all Troops level (+2 to +17) versus Na’vi
  • Stinger – Tukru Fighters level (+4 to +21), Hellswarm level (+4 to +21), Paradise Needler level (+4 to +21)
  • Rage – Fire Thrower (+4 to +21), Puffball Tree (+4 to +21), Hunting Party (+4 to +21)

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