Avatar PR Commander Profile: Madaki

Madaki - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Madaki to gather at Geode Groves. He gives the Grenadier a big boost when defending in battles.” A Scientist raised in Africa who works in the RDA’s Xenozoologist program on Pandora, Madaki is an RDA Commander who specializes in gathering at Geode Groves in Avatar: Pandora Rising.



Class: Scientist
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Geode
Synergies: Grenadier
Commander Talents:

  • Tracker – Gather Speed (+8% to +35%) at solo Geode Grove, Gather Skill (+30 to +130) at solo Geode Grove
  • Keen Eye – Commander Tower level (+8 to +50) at any Geode Grove, Grenadier level (+8 to +50) at any Geode Grove
  • Ambusher – Gather Speed (+15% to +35%) at Geode Rally sites, Gather Skill (+55 to +130) at Geode Rally sites

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