Best Avatar PR Commanders: Obsidian Gathering

Obsidian - Avatar Pandora Rising

Since the site launched, has looked to educate gamers about games that our writers love to play. Over the past few years we have been able to expand from just a single game to several different mobile games including Avatar: Pandora Rising, after getting to preview APR at FoxNext Games in Los Angeles in September 2019. Below we take a look at our Best Avatar PR Commanders series where we break down the different commanders and resources in hopes that the data and our advice will help your gameplay in Avatar: Pandora Rising.

Obsidian is a resource in Avatar: Pandora Rising that is important to the Na’vi. The gathering of Obsidian, whether from a Rally or an individual commander on their own, provides the Obsidian Fragments needed to make weapons in the Weapons Hut including Obsidian Blades and Banshee Rider Helmets.

Obsidian can be acquired by any commander in Avatar: Pandora Rising who has the Gatherer tag, however two commanders specialize in Obsidian – Mo’at and Ralun. So who is the best Na’vi Commander to gather Obsidian? This one is no contest, but let’s look at their stats anyway.

Kiralu – Kiralu is a Rare Commander who started off as a gatherer of Cycad, but prior to the global launch of Avatar: Pandora Rising the team at FoxNext has made several changes to commander abilities and event their specialties. Now a gatherer of Obsidian, Kiralu is statistically more efficient than Ralun below but logically not as strong as Mo’at/

Mo’at – Mo’at is an Epic Commander in Avatar: Pandora Rising and is one of the top Commanders available on the Na’vi side. A Gatherer of Obsidian who formerly specialized in Phalanxia and also held the the Swift tag, her defensive boosts for all Troops are quite strong (+4 to +28) as well as to the Champion (+4 to +32). Head to head, Mo’at surpasses Ralun and Kiralu in all Obsidian gathering statistics when compared at the same levels. In addition, Mo’at’s defensive boosts are stronger and her buff for the Champion, arguably the best Troop on the Na’vi side, sets her apart from the competition.

Ralun – Ralun is an Uncommon Gatherer of Obsidian for the Na’vi whose value drops a bit after Mo’at is added to any Na’vi player’s roster. She is statistically better in Obsidian Rallies than at solo sites, and her defense does add to Troop levels which is a must-have for any defensive battle when gathering resources. This +2 to +24 increase to Troops is very helpful and she also boosts the Arrow Storm troop +2 to +28.


So we ask again, who is the best Na’vi Commander to gather Obsidian?

Mo'at - Avatar Pandora RisingThe answer to this question has continued to be the same despite some major changes to the game in late 2019 before the global release. Mo’at certainly lives up to the “Epic” billing as she is superior at gathering Obsidian by being faster and more skilled while also defending more effectively than Ralun or Kiralu. While Ralun and Kiralu are solid characters for early play and scales nicely, if you are fortunate enough to get Mo’at in Avatar: Pandora Rising it would be wise to level her up anytime you can.


updated 01.07.20

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