Avatar PR Commander Profile: Mo’at

Mo'at - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Mo’at to gather Obsidian Crags and Phalanxia Hills,” Mo’at is the Tsahik of the Omatikaya clan and spiritual leader of her people. The mother of Neytiri, Mo’at is an Epic, Swift Gatherer of Obsidian for the Na’vi in Avatar: Pandora Rising. While her specialty is Obsidian, those with the “Swift” tag are faster at traveling to and from hunting and gathering resource sites than most. Given the strong defensive bonuses , the bonus Obsidian and the Swift tag, this makes Mo’at one of the most valuable Na’vi Commanders in Avatar PR.



Class: Gatherer
Rarity: Epic
Commander Tags: Swift, Obsidian
Synergies: Champion
Commander Talents:

  • Tsahik Wisdom – Finds bonus Obsidian Shard at solo Obsidian Crags, Gather Speed (+12% to +40%) at solo Obsidian Crags, Gather Skill (+40 to +150) at solo Obsidian Crags
  • Matriarch – Travel Speed (+50% to +250%), all Troops level (+4 to +30), Champion level (+7 to +45)
  • Spirit Guardian – Finds bonus Obsidian Shard at Obsidian Rally Sites, Gather Speed (+20% to +40%) at Obsidian Rally Sites, Gather Skill (+75 to +150) at Obsidian Rally Sites

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