Avatar: Pandora Rising – Coming Soon to Mobile Devices

Avatar Pandora Rising

Last November a Trademark was filed by 20th Century Fox for the name Avatar: Pandora Rising. While this may have flown under the radar for most, this trademark that is listed as one related to video games, can now be explained. A collection of Mobile Game Influencers were recently invited to travel to FoxNext Studios in Los Angeles, Gaming-fans.com included, to unveil the game and review updates coming to Marvel Strike Force. Those influencers included popular YouTubers & Content Creators covering games like Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, Summoner’s War, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and more. While the updates coming to MSF will remain under wraps (for now), I am pleased to be able to start talking about what I feel will be an exciting new mobile game – Avatar: Pandora Rising.


What Kind of Game is Avatar: Pandora Rising?

One of the first things we learned during the presentations of Avatar: Pandora Rising was that, during the many, many months of development, FoxNext and Lightstorm Entertainment want this game to well-planned with qualities and combinations that are uniquely used. While the game will have similarities to Lords Mobile and Rise of Kingdoms, it will also feature battles using cards with energy numbers attached to them like Star Wars Force Arena did as well as other games. While building a strong base will of course be an important piece to success, the large social world on Pandora and ability to play both sides – as the Na’vi or as the RDA – giving players options within their gameplay. In fact the ability to play as either the Na’vi or as the RDA sounds similar to an element in another popular new game we cover here at Gaming-fans.com – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – where players can choose one of three Professions within the game and never lose progress on any of them.

Another element of the game that sounds like it will make strategy and gameplay more enjoyable is the option to play live or allow the AI to fight your battles based on your own actions (or inaction). Unlike many games where, if you are not present, you score a zero and get lower rewards, Avatar: Pandora Rising has been built to allow the AI to take over when the player is not present for a battle that their alliance needs them for. This allows players to have a life while also remaining competitive, but also gives them the chance to participate if their schedule does indeed line up. Of course this is all subject to change in the testing, but early on this appears to be a nice feature of the game.


Why Avatar: Pandora Rising?

So why would Avatar: Pandora Rising be coming out at this time? Of course the original Avatar movie, released in 2009, was the top grossing film of all-time for a decade and has been mentioned a lot of late with Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame surpassing it in 2019. But is no a secret that Avatar 2 is in the works and slated for a December 2021 release as well. In fact, four sequels have been announced with expectations that they will be released every two years after Avatar 2 bring the franchise back into the mainstream in 2021.


How Can I Learn More about Avatar: Pandora Rising?

While a release date is not yet public, Avatar: Pandora Rising is allowing players to sign up for updates on their Website, PandoraRising.com. While this is a different style game than those we play and cover here at Gaming-fans.com, a high level of intrigue is there and the plans are to cover the game extensively upon launch in North America.

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