Dragon Champions: Best Runes for Venomate

Dragon Champions - Venomate

Welcome to the latest article in our series about Runes in Dragon Champions. As we have with other mobile games, our staff will review the best Runes for DC characters, those ability enhancing materials that strengthen your characters and give you the competitive advantage in PVE and PVP modes. While we do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, we do our research and have used every character we write about in an effort to best understand which Runes are the best fit for their abilities.



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Venomate is a great character to have on your roster at the strongest levels possible. Venomate is able to call Kaira to assist and also gives her buffs while also gaining buffs from her. They are a great pair and in my opinion should not be separated. Venomate can dish out debuffs and cause damage over time effects, which means Potency, Damage, and the mandatory Speed are a great choice to maximize this character.


Additional Info for Venomate:

  • Basic ability: Venomous Spit – Deals 250% of Magic Damage to an enemy. A 80% chance to poison the target for 2 turns. If Kaira is on the battlefield, there is a 50% chance she may be called to assist.
  • Special 1: Poisonous Cloud – Deals 230% of Magic Damage to all enemies. Poisons the target for 2turns.
    This is where you want potency to land those Poisons and also damage.
  • Special 2: What’s your Poison? – Applies a CritDamage increase, Counterattack and CritChance increase to an ally for 2 turns. Restores 75% of the turn meter to the targeted ally.

Now I personally like to give this buff to Kaira, as Crit Damage and Crit Chance on her are nice to have and she gains that extra damage, but that is of course left to your own discretion.

  • Passive Ability: Poison Master – Venomate deals 20% more damage for each stack of Poison on the enemies. If Kaira is on the battlefield, she receives the same buff.

Hands down, this passive is the reason why I don’t separate these two. They give each other so much damage and can dish out a lot.


Ideal Rune Setup for Venomate:

The “ideal rune setup” can be interpreted a few different ways. If you target Speed it will help set up the battle in your favor. Thus, here are my recommendations for the best runes for Kaira the Bounty Hunting Demon:

  • North Rune; Health Rune with Primary focus on DAMAGE %
    Secondary focus on Speed,Potency, Damage/Health
  • Northeast Rune; Health Rune with primary on SPEED
    Secondary focus on Potency,Damage/Health
  • Southeast Rune; Damage Rune with Primary focus on ARMOR %
    Secondary focus on Speed,Damage, Health
  • South Rune; Damage Rune with primary focus on HEALTH%
    Secondary focus on Speed,Potency, Damage
  • Southwest Rune; Damage Rune with Primary focus on HEALTH %
    Secondary focus on Speed,Potency, Damage
  • Northwest Rune; Damage Rune with primary focus on DAMAGE %
    Secondary focus on Speed,Health, Potency

By Estilo, Gaming-fans.com Guest Writer

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