Best Avatar PR Commanders: Hexapede Hunting

Hexapede - Avatar Pandora Rising

Since the site launched, has looked to educate gamers about games that our writers love to play. Over the past few years we have been able to expand from just a single game to several different mobile games including Avatar: Pandora Rising, after getting to preview APR at FoxNext Games in Los Angeles in September 2019. Below we take a look at our Best Avatar PR Commanders series where we break down the different commanders and resources in hopes that the data and our advice will help your gameplay in Avatar: Pandora Rising.

Hexapede is a resource in Avatar: Pandora Rising that is important to the Na’vi. The hunting of Hexapede, whether from a Rally or an individual commander on their own, provides the Hexapede meat needed to keep your Cooking Pit busy which is important throughout the game. As your game progresses you will eventually build the Cookhouse which also uses the completed versions of Hexapede meat.

Hexapede meat can be acquired by any commander in Avatar: Pandora Rising who has the Hunter tag, however two commanders specialize in Hexapede – Omleki and Eytukan. So who is the best Na’vi Commander to hunt Hexapede? Let’s look at their stats and compare.

Tur’itan – Tur’itan started the BETA testing as an early open, jack-of-all-trades hunter who was rather low in value after the first few months of play. However, as the game progressed, the need for a quick hunter becomes greater. His biggest weakness is a lack of solid defense – you have to level him up significantly and his key troop – Viperwolves – is seen as lower value to upgrade as well.

Omleki – Omleki began in the BETA testing in New Zealand and Canada as Omolu is the early open commander in APR who is labeled as Uncommon. His Hunt Speed at Hexapede Woodlands is slightly lower than Eytukan and his abilities boost Towers (+2 to +31) and the Viperwolf Den (+2 to +36).

Eytukan – Eytukan is a Rare commander who hunts Hexapede (+5% to +30%) at a faster rate than Omleki (+3% to +22%). HIs Troop bonuses are far better than Omleki which is what makes him so valuable as he boosts all Troops (+3 to +28), Warbeests (+3 to +38) and all Towers (+3 to +33) while also traveling faster.


So we ask again, who is the best Na’vi Commander to hunt Hexapede?

Eytukan - Avatar Pandora RisingFor many of these comparisons we have an Epic commander versus an Uncommon or Common commander, thus making it an easy choice. However here we have Uncommon versus Rare with very small stat differences. While Eytukan should likely be an Epic commander in APR instead of Rare given his role in the Avatar movie as the head of the Na’vi, we deal with the parameters we are given in these games.

On my account I have a strong Eytukan but my Warbeests is not nearly as high as many of my other Troops. However, Omleki’s boost to the Viperwolf Den is lost on my roster as my Viperwolf Den has never been a major focus of my resources to upgrade. Even though the gap is not too large in stats, Eytukan does have better stats in every category, so I give him the nod as one of the best Na’vi Commanders in Avatar: Pandora Rising, and the top dog at hunting Hexapede.


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